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I don't feel too good....

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The past couple days I haven't felt the greatest. I'm having bad headaches again, feeling really hot and then sometimes really cold, I'm getting stomach pains, sometimes it's a sharp pain on the right side under my ribs, other times it's just all over discomfort. I feel extremely nauseus and achy and tired.


I used to not really eat right, anorexia and bulimia and the like, but I've been eating pretty much normally for a while, I don't know if these symtoms are my old habits coming back to bite me in the...or what. Maybe it's something else. Ideas?



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I doubt it's the appendix. That comes to a crisis situation within 24 hours so if you've been feeling this way for a couple of days it's probably something else.


It could simply be a virus. But if you aren't sure and you are concerned it's probably best to head to the doctor and get yourself checked out.


Any chance you are pregnant?

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