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Hello peeps,


A friend of one of my closest friends asked me out on a date yesterday... The good news being that she is very, very hot. However, I've vaguely known her for about 10 years and in those 10 years she has made little attempt to get to know me. Now, I've been overweight my whole life... up until recently - I've lost 60 lbs in 6 months and am starting to look pretty buff.


She walked over to me in a bar I was in with my friends on Saturday night, gave me a hug and a kiss, told me I looked amazing and then left. My close friend phoned me the next telling me this girl had phoned her that night asking for my number so she can ask me on a date...


I'm probably over-thinking this - which is my way at the best of times but I guess mild paranoia is to be expected when someone suddenly becomes "more attractive"


Any thoughts?

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I guess you're not thrilled with the idea she's interested now when you lost weigh and before didn't even give a damn about you?


This is going to be cruel, but still I'm gona say it: now when you lost some weight you'll attract more girls than you used to. You have more material to pick from. So have fun and start choosing.....maybe you're a league above her now...maybe now you can get better than she is... ;-)

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Yeah, I should just enjoy it - you're right. That's my over-thinking attitude for you though. I'm so glad I found this forum - it saves me unleashing my own particular brand of "crazy" on my friends.


I've always looked at dating as a means to an end - i.e. finding a long-term partner. I guess I should really just be having fun, having a good look around and enjoying it for what it is and when I find someone I connect well with, then I should pursue something more meanignful. I have another date lined up with a girl I met in a bar too... It's all good. I've always been pretty self-confident but now I have an abundance of confidence and I think that is attracting people just as much (if not more) as my new build.

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take it as it is man. i've gone through this. some chicks didn't want me when i was back in high school or whatever. i had mild acne, shaved my head, etc. now, my skin is 100% clear, my features are chisled and i'm all grown up. i've hooked up with some chicks from high school that i didn't have a chance with before. kind of gratifying. lol

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I don't think there's anything wrong with her liking you now that you're in shape. It's natural. Enjoy it. I'm one of those that DON'T take offense to it if someone who wasn't attracted to me way back when I was overweight is suddenly attracted to me now. Why? Because I didn't like me much then either, and now I love me!

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