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Its all good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I posted "is it too early?" a while ago explaining about the death of my two week old baby...then i told u guys about the new pregnancy and how i was scared about the same thing happening again....worse off my doctor was on holiday...


well my appointment was this morning and im 13 weeks pregnant and the baby is doing SO well.=D> The doctor even cried... it was so moving...she/he was yawing and bouncing about it was so funny and amazing seeing this tiny person stretching its body and moving its arms and legs and yawning some more! She put me vitamins and had tests done....

well about it happening again....she cant promise it wont and NOTHING can be done to prevent it so all we can do is pray about it..[-o

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Chances are little of having another abortion now if you are 13 weeks pregnant.


The most dangerous time is the first 3 months, so congrats!


We are very happy for you.


Definitely take the vitamins your dr. recommended, and stay away from medicines unless told to do so, and no alcohol, etc, and all should be well.


Hugs, Rose

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Hi. I am glad to hear that things are going well in your pregnancy. Continue to think positive- I know it's hard after a loss, but I really do think things will work out for you this time.


You have a special little guardian angel watching over both of you right now too,



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