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Being Happy

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in this modern world that we live in there are so many pressures!


i have lost myself.... i really dont know how i can feel happy in my life and career!


i want to be happy and content... i am not at the minute but cant see a path to take!


how do pple become happy.... i think ive got "the grass is greener" disease! i cant help but look at other ppls lives and careers and bw jealous and resentful..


but when i really sit down and think about it... their lives aren that fantastic.... i want a job i will be happy doing and a life i will be happy living where do i go from here... i dont have any ties but i just cant make my mind up about what i want and what career path to take...


how can pple find themselves! ive been trying to find myself for the last 4 months but not really getting anywhere! any advice would be welcome,




p.s. i know one thing... and that is the fact that i hate my current job and need to leave asap!

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Try some hard activities like leaving everything you've done and start everything from ZERO...


At least for me it worked - I had no clue about what's going to be next, I thought I'd die without having something - hey, now I try to see the beauty of everything on this world, I may feel lonely sometimes, but life has just started, just like yours...


It depends on what kind of person you are - don't push yourself into all these thoughts about being thrown into a garbage bin without any chance of getting away (such sort of things keep us from getting what we want)...

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The key to being happy is to be grateful for what you have. I read somewhere that gratitude unlocks the fullness of life and I believe it. If you have the "grass is always greener" approach, you are looking at a lot of unhappiness. I had an ex who had this approach. He is never ever happy. He's married now but still wishes we could have gotten back together. When we were togther he took it for granted. He hates his job as a 6 figure lawyer, he has a lot of apathy for a lot of things.


I think you're going to have to work on yourself to avoid this mentality. It'll rob you of enjoying life more fully if you don't.

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i know it will rob me of an enjoyable life... my dad is the same and I DONT WANT TO END UP LIKE HIM!!


i think this is putting pressure on me because i can see myself slowly falling into my dads shoes...and i hate it!


money isnt everything... i know that.... i have a job that pays ok but,,doesnt give me motivation or a real reason to live if you know what i mean! i am taking up new hobbies but i still have this underlying problem!


i guess i am a natural pessimist... i really need to stop thinking like this!


i just wish i was like alot of pple,, just happy with what they have!! it really frustrates me!

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I have realized that happiness is found in the little things in life. I don't think there is a time where you take a moment and think, everything is so perfect! I think that so many people get down on themselves because they strive for this perfect life and compare themselves to others but the people you admire and are jealous of probably have many of the same feelings as you do.


If you are miserable in your job, I definitely think you should find another! There are so many options out there. Is there something you enjoy doing in your leisurely time that could possibly be a career out there? Is there something you need to go to school for? These days with the online colleges, school is easier and more convenient that ever!


No matter what you decide to do, remember that it takes time to get to a place in your life where you are, overall, happy- but also remember that there are going to be obstacles and hardships throughout your life, the way you feel in life is all about how you look, learn and act on these hardships and obstacles. It's your life, take control!!!!


Best wishes!

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