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Get involved or run away?


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I recently met this girl who I thought was very very attractive but she had a boyfriend so I left her alone. However a few weeks later (2 days ago) I saw her again and found out she was no longer with her boyfriend for certain reasons. We got to talking and it was very obvious we both liked each other. I have seen her a few times after and we do a lot of flirting and talking. We are supposed to hang out tomorrow night. Anyway here is my problem. This girl is one of the nicest and most beautiful girl Ive ever met but she is a recovering addict. She is clean now and has been for almost 2 months but thats clearly not long enough to come to the conclusion she is definitely out of the life. I have never been involved with drugs and never did them in my life. I usually separate myself from people that do them. Normally I wouldn't even consider dating this girl because of how risky it is but she seems so nice and she is very honest about her whole situation. But then again I am worried that if I let myself get close and then she messes up it is going to hurt bad. I am just looking to see what other peoples opinions are on this and what you would do in this situation. I guess I am thinking that if it went anywhere with the two of us that I could really help her and maybe I am what she needs to stay away from drugs since I distance myself from people who do them and have never done them myself. Or maybe I am just crazy for even considering this? Let me know

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Hey Dan!


I think the source of your worries here are justified but they are a bit far ahead here. You haven't even gone out on a date yet! Take this one step at a time...


And look, nothing is perfect and relationship situations are no exception. People always seem to be in some sort of transition, whether it be recovering from a break up, etc.


She is "the most beautiful and nicest woman you've ever met". And she is honest about the situation. That says a lot, certainly enough to give this a shot I think. Aside from that, keep an eye on things, her dedication to staying clean and her emotional state relating to her recent break up, but at the same time give this a legitimate shot.


Ask her out, go out with her, and go from there. Save your worries for if/when this gets to that point!

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Once again, frisco the god of advice has spoken.


I agree with him 100%. Get to know her. She could have a messed up mind, and COULD be diffictult... but you don't know yet. I know a few people who do drugs (cocaine/ex/MJ/DXM/shrooms) who have some very ambitious goals in their lives and are working to achieve them, although none of them are recovering addicts (i wonder if they are addicts)... but nonetheless, I myself have dabbled in most of the said drugs. I will admit that I am sort of a less reliable person... why? I think its because people who do drugs tend to not care about themselves a lot. If you don't care about yourself, why would you care about someone else? So be wary of such.


Sounds like you are in an interesting situation. If she is a good person... maybe she is worth dating... but also be wary of the drugs as once you're an addict, going back is just so damned easy.

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