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GF wants to get back together.


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Hi guys, i broke up with my 'ex' last week and just few days after we part, she satrted going out with someone new..but only for once after i went NC. She assumed ive moved on. I dont know exactly what they do but she said he reminds her of me.


Now she wants me back but not making much of effort. She says she feels im the only one who truly loves her and she does miss me.


I do feel i want her back but im having doubts coz just few days after separation she starts going out w someone new.


I asked her if she is willing to try again but she asked me back the same qns. I told her i could if she didnt went out w someone new so early. She replied its okay..


My insticnts says no but my heart wants her as well. What do I do? Should i go NC totally or consider having her back? Would appreciate solid advice from those experienced. Thanks friends..

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She was probably looking for comfort ... i'm sure we've all been there. I just got dumped, so I'm biased...but I would say, it's not lke she cheated on you or anything. You broke her heart and she needed someone to be there for her. One the flip side, consider why you broke up with her in the first place, have things changed??

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Why not say "look, you arn't making much of an effort here, and though i want to be with you, the same thing is going to happen until we fix the problem that caused the break up. Balls in your court." Then leave it like that and just don't get emotionally attached yet. If shes serious about it, she will take the next step. If she says she wants to try, try talking about the problems, see if she's receptive. Remember you can change the subject or say this aint going well, and hang up at any time. I would use the first as the 2nd i would of used for control.


If you want to give her a chance and think she's worth it, just do it slowly and don't expect anything. If you can't do that, your setting yourself up for another heartbreak. If you can talk and not hide stuff with eachother you can solve anything. If you can't, your completely screwed. It's that simple.

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