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I feel so horrible about this!!!!!!

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I love my boyfriend very much and he has always had a very high sex drive for me. However he always waits to late at night right before I am about to go into a deep hibernating sleep to try and get something started.


Last night he was reading a VCF (vaginal Contreceptive Film) and at first I was in the mood, but by the time he got upstairs I was out like a light!


I don't know why this is but if I'm sleepy I'm out, and there is no point of waking me up. I feel bad though because I feel he may be feeling rejected a bit, because this has happened about 2 times this week.


I would like some honest suggestions on what I can do about this situation.

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it's nothing to feel bad about, it happens, your tired, he's in the mood, it's simply bad timing, what can you do, it's not your fault your human, you need sleep just like everyone else, so heres the thing, you say he has a high sex drive, well then make him work for your sex, tell him to do it when you want, at what time and place, this way he earns it and you don't have to worry about falling asleep..lol...i could picture this guy gettin all excited and ready, then he turns to you and your sleeping....lol...haha....but seriously, i think if you do what i said earlier things will work out best...trust me

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I think that we forget that we are not all the same. What I mean by this is that some people are morning people, some are night owls and some people thrive during the day...


This happens with our sex hormones too...I personally fair better in the mornings and during the day, come to 9pm and I just want to sleep. There is nothing wrong in that its just that you are just realising this and feel a little guilty because you don't fully understand it.


As some of the others have said initiate intimacy a little earlier...maybe take the lead and as soon as you see him start it then and then you have the rest of the evening to snuggle..talk and then fall asleep...trust me, vary your times and find out which is best for you.

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Look at all these experts on this forum..you guys are too cool for me. Thank you so much!


The truth is , I guess my mind is a little warped because they say "never turn a man down" or he'll cheat on you, Or "what you wont do, someone else will" and its just crazy. Sometimes I admit I do it just to please him, but I'll be so tired man. I also have a hard time getting up for work on time because of it...

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You shouldn't feel bad...it's about communication and respect. You need to talk about it. Me personally I can go at anytime, morning or night that's me, and everyone's sex drive is different. If he know it's to late and you need your sleep, he needs to respect that, and act accordingly, or else...he just won't be getting any...I mean, what else is there to think about or say?

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