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Like sand through the hour glass...


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Like sand through the hour glass...these are the days of our lives!!!!





Hey everyone at ENA....Hope this fine monday is a great monday for you all!!!! Keep your head up, smile..breathe the fresh air and be thankful that you're living, breathing and living to fight another day... Be thankful for what you have in life, be thankful for who you are, be thankful that you have the ability to LOVE and to be loved back.. Be thankful that you're healthy and enjoy life!!!!!



My quote up above came to me last night...LOL..it's from the soap opera "Days of our lives" and it hit me last night reading over some of the members post on here... The reason for the quote is the fact that many of us have wasted second,minutes,hours,days,weeks on someone we loved that has left us behind... Those precious minutes,hours,days,weeks can not be brought back... What good have you done with the time that has been wasted on greiving over someone that has taken their love away from you???? Stop, ask yourself one question.."Can I ever go back and make up for lost time?"...I'll answer for you... NO!!!!!!! We all need to understand that while we sit and wallow in this miserable state of wanting our ex's back, figuring out ways to get them back, trying to find answers to the million questions we have....The world outside is passing us by, our opportunities for happiness with someone new is passing us by.... We need to wake up people and understand that not ONE person (our ex's) holds the key to our happiness... We're the driver of this fine sports car that we are and we hold the keys to go wherever it is we want to go... Don't let time pass you buy because we can't go back and get that time back...EVER!!!!



Life is to short, as the old cliche saying goes. Whether your ex left to be alone or with someone else don't waste YOUR precious seconds,minutes,hours on someone that is not wasting their time on you!!! YOU all deserve better, we all deserve to spend the time we have here on earth with someone that will give us the love we deserve back. Many times we sit and wonder how we could have changed the relationship, the mistakes we've made, what we would have done differently etc. etc. etc... That type of thinking is just as good as sitting in front of your broken down car with tools in hand "thinking" of how you're going to fix it... STOP THINKIN!!!! and start FIXING!!!!!! Fix the sports car that you are and stop wasting TIME..TIME that we will never get back... The faster you fix yourself the sooner you'll be back on the road enjoying what life has to offer and taking advantage of EVERY single second,minute,hour,day of your life!!!!



Time is ticking away...time can't be stopped...what are you doing to take advantage of the time that is passing you by????


PS...and no I don't watch soap operas... I'm living one as I speak so who needs to watch them on tv....LOL!!!!!


Tha Gipp

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Its wrong tho, well at least i would make a difference between people and problems. I wouldn't mind if you'd tackle a problem as effecient as possible, don't rush the time that you spend with your loved ones, as those are the most precious times you will spend in your existence,if a friend asks you to help, and you say no i don't have time. How would that make your friend feel, or in his shoes when you are the one to ask for help? So there's time enough for everyone, and if you want then every moment of your life is for you, or for me or for anyone. You have eternity so don't rush it, its not so much the amount of time that you have that is important, its the way how you spend it that counts. Or bottomline: Balance the time you spend on people and problem solving.

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I understand your point.. My point was that so many of us waste time on something or someone that is not wasting time on us.. this is directed to our ex's only. We sit and wast our days away grieving the loss of love from our ex and doing NOTHING to FIX the problem..the problem is: "Our Broken Heart"....


Tomorrow is NEVER guranteed...and we do not have eternity and when it comes to a broken heart..the sooner you fix it the sooner you can enjoy life again and be who YOU truly are..... we have to quit wasting time on our ex's, fix ourselves so we can love again and help fix others...


I'm no use to anyone if I'm broken down and refuse to fix myself...how can I possibly help fix a friend or a loved one when i'm broken down myself...



Tha Gipp

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Great post! I know I am guilty of forgetting to focus on me and my life too! But after this weekend at work: person dying and a brand new baby, it's like a smack in the head: WILLOW LIFE IS SHORT!! We all get wrapped up sometimes. Good relfection ftgipp, it made me smile!!

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