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Thoughts on entering a new relationship...


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I just want to give my perspective on entering a new relationship.


I have made many mistakes in the past whilst seeing someone.(like being too aggressive,wanting their full attention constantly,revealing my feelings too quickly,expecting and wanting too much too soon etc..).

I have learned from doing these things and have moved past it.I am learning and growing everyday.


I do have a few regrets but I am very happy now,and I can't look back on what could have been (but I do have fresh hope for myself for the future,if I am with someone or not...) & as they say "For everything there is a season".


I realize that being single isn't so bad and it isn't the end of the world if we don't have anyone in our life.I just happen to just now start dating one of my close friends (no expectations,no future plans,just living for the "now" and enjoying each other in the moment) although we are somewhat exclusive I am not being demanding at all..I see this person and talk to them when we can.


I am at the point in my life where I am doing alot of self seeking/searching and learning about me.

I am taking things very,very slow this time around.


I really care about this person and I don't want to ruin anything like I have done in the past.I have hope for the future but I am living for today...

I am in a very good place,and it feels great .

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