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so confusing with this girl!


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So! I have been seeing this girl for a while. Let's call her Jane for this thread. We hang out quite a bit and have kissed a few times. Last night at the bar, when I try to kiss her and then she says "we have to talk". She tells me that she doesn't feel attracted to me in that way and it would be better if we were just friends.

I tell her that's fine by me and I am glad that she let me know this early on. As the night goes on, I run into this other girl at the bar and we hit it off really well. As I am leaving, she asks me if I am single and I say "yeah! I am". She gives me her number as asks me to call her sometime.

This pisses Jane off. She gets really mad and all of a sudden she is a lot more physical, wanting to kiss, hug etc.

I really like Jane a lot but why does she play all these games? As soon as I become unavailable to her she wants me more.

Today, when I talk to her, she is back to her cold self. This is driving me crazy. Can anyone tell me how to deal with this situation?

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I agree with Eva. "Jane" is playing childish mind games. I would just go on with my life and not give in to the manipulative behavior. She was clear that she wasn't attracted to you.


Some people just can't handle the fact that they can't be in control of everyone and everything around them.

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Its pathetic but natural. "Pre-selection" is almost always going to increase another girls desire towards you. Just like guys are especially prone towards physical "shallowness" (more so than the other gender in general), I believe girls have tendancies towards this sort of social "shallowness"(more so than the other gender in general). If shes good enough for him he must be good! What I am sort of saying is that is a huge factor and you should judge if she is interested in you in a way that you care about. Good luck!

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keep clear of her.


if she is playing those sort of games this early on, then I'd say you would be in for a painful ride even if she did want to go there now.


This is the truth. If you keep on with her you will regret it. You should have told her to back off because you don't mess around with "just friends".

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