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A customer I serve 'might' like me but, she's far too attractive compared to me!


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I work in a supermarket on the tills and I serve this one particular woman most days. She always smiles at me and says the usual, 'hi' and 'how's your day been' etc. The other day she tells me and my co-worker that she may be moving abroad and so my colleague (female) says we (three) should go out for a drink before she goes.. She says yes and gives us her number...


Anyway, my colleague only did this to get her number because she knows I like this customer.. I'm now texting this woman I've liked for so long..


The problem? It's a superficial one, but she is so far out of my league it would be an insult to nature if we ever dated! Ok maybe an overstatement, but I'm plain average Jo with not much dress sense working on a cig kiosk.. She is a sophisticated, well dressed business woman who could be on vogues front cover.


And to make things even more difficult, I'm terribly shy. I've only just got to the point where I don't blush when I start talking to her.


I'm told she must really like me since she always goes straight for my till and glances in my direction when I'm serving someone else.


Oh, and it turns out she's having second thoughts about living abroad now, so it's not like I have anything to lose now..


Would it be a bad idea to ask her out via text? I really hate the idea of asking her out to her face only to find out she's just 'friendly' and the thought of me liking her 'that way' never entered her mind sort of thing.


You teenagers think you got problems? I'm 29! ARGH!!!


Thanks for any advice



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dont worry about it, some girls (myself included) LIKE shy guys!!!

and I think it says a lot for her charachter if shes into you... seeing as she has the "high social status" thing going on...


My good friend is a scruffy music bum, hes going out with this GORGEOUS high powered magazine editor and she loves him to bits!!!

No accounting for taste!

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Women look at the MAN, not the clothes! The exact opposite from men, who are attracted to looks first.


Your problem is you have this lady up on a pedestal! Just remember, when she uses the bathroom, it doesn't come out flat like a ribbon, smelling like roses! She's a woman, like any other! Forget the trappings and look at the women underneath! And in the end, its HER decision whether or not she likes you, let HER make it, not you.

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Actually nothing that you said in your original post tells me that she is definitely interested in you.That you have to find out.She might be looking at the event that you guys planned as just a group getting together for some fun. It would be better to ask her out in person but you probably aren't going to do that,right?If she is to accept your offer[via email or text] of just the two of you doing something then of course she is interested.Good luck!

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