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Final Question

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Hey guys,

I've been posting a lot about a break up that happened 4 months ago now.

Things were tough but now things are better since I have something new coming up. A new job.


One thing I've been pondering on though, looking back on the relationship, is how I feel like I've known the ex all my life.

We were together only about a year after being friends for about 6 months before hand.

I've been married, had girl friends but this last one seemed different. I really thought a lot about this girl and I've been surprised how heart broken I've been since she dumped me.

And what keeps popping into my head is, "I only knew this girl intimately for about a year, why does it seem like forever?"

I felt a real connection with her. It boggles my mind that I have this feeling of always knowing her. I've NEVER had that kind of a feeling before with anyone else.


Now I'm about to move, start a new life with a cool job and pretty much leave the past in the past but what worries me is, will I ever have a connection like that again? Was that the one?

Many friends tell me that very few ever come along that make you feel like that.


I know this all sounds idealistic. True love is what I felt....blah, blah, blah....maybe.

But the feeling like I've always known this person bugs me, makes me feel weak, possibly. Too emotional?

It's a strong feeling.


I'm probably not going to post much anymore but I wanted to get this last thing out there. Clean the slate, so to speak, before I move.


So tell me what you guys think.

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Hey eli - I think you should keep posting! That's what I think!


As for your question tho - about the girl - I think it IS rare to meet soemone you connect so profoundly with.




Not once in a life time. Not impossible to have happen again either.


Just don't let yourself become embittered. And keep in mind your life is bound to chnage a hundred million more times over before the end so who knows what can happen. You could meet a few thousand "soul-mate" connections.


Not meaning to minimise or trivialise what she meant or what the relationship was - I'm not saying that - but because that one was special doesn't mean there won't be more that are just as special or more so, in their own ways....

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congratulations on your new JoB!!!!!!

I am glad you are starting over again... it will be good to get your mind busy with the new positive changes in your life. if you feel like you had found your soulmate in your ex, then i am sure you will find one again. she isnt the only girl in this planet. everyone finds love again, sooner or later. all we can do is hope and pray they show up soon.

Good luck with everything and we're here for you whenever you need to talk.

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Hi elithepi


From your post I can see, although you all those feelings for your ex, you're on a good way for moving on...in fact, it seems you're almost there. I'm happy for you!

About your question...I feel a similar thing about my ex. We ad a lot of conversations about it and we saw that we were almost exact copies of each other...same fears, same way about how to treat the problems, same personalities, character....well, just for you to get an idea, once she said we were the same exactly just where we shouldn't be, for the relationship's sake...and this was one of the things that contributed for the break up...we were both affraid because we were waiting for each other to make the first move about everything.

As you can see, being the same as the other partie is not always good.

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