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My parents.......


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I seriously cant take this anymore! ! My mom always ingores me when I ask something or when I try to have a serious conversation with her! ! My dad gets mad easily....and he always changes his mood in secondes. I undertand why my dad gets mad ....its because I dont really help around the house and everything. But Im afraid that if i stared to ''help out'' then he will exspect me to do everything and when I dont ''help out'' for one day that her get mad att me and yells at me , like he did to my sis. My dad dosent hit me or anything but Im scared that one day he might ''snap'' and will hurt me. My mom works alot but when she is not workin she dosnt do anything and I get yelled at for her mess. Im gettin to the poin where I might ask my older sis if I can move in with her. she lives in newyork and I will miss my friends alot if I go but I really need to get away .

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Hello Hey Hey!


Just wanted to ask you a few questions...


First off....how old are you?


Secondly - how old is your older sister?


What's say you DO move in with your sister in NY. Do you think she will expect you to help out around her place?


I know every one goes through things differently, but I think almost everyone goes through a period of time where they just don't want to be any where near their parents.


Maybe it would be a really good experience for you to really call your sister and see what she thinks about you staying with her for a bit. It can't hurt, yeh? It could be pretty eye opening for you AND your parents.

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The meaning of life is to love and help others, its already a mess in the house as it is, so it would be better to bring your life back into calmer waters and help out here and there, and wherever you can, id know you'd rather do other things, but such a sour relationship with your family isn't worth it. Its like brushing your teeth, no one likes it, but if they start rotting its even worse then brushing your teeth, so its best to make an effort into helping around, even tho its not what you like you see.


When your a whippersnapper you'd think ' oh id have my life my way, i only want fun and to hell with everything. When you spiritually mature you see that you need to love and help everyone out to make the general picture of your life to be more beautifull. You see on your own you can't be happy, nothing can make you happy exept loving and helping other people, so if you have the strenght to finally make the decision to volentarily help others because you want to yourself, your life will improve.

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Hun, you're still really young. I felt the SAME way when I was your age (Im 20 now)... I felt like mom wouldn't/couldnt understand me/know me and dad just.... i dont know, he was just there.


I say stick it out a while longer... As you grow and mature, you'll be able to better see how your relationship with your parents will be.


I know it seems like moving in with your sister would be the best thing, but I don't know... I think you'd be just as miserable there as you are where you're at now. Sure, it would be great at first, but then your sister would assume parental responsibility and I have a feeling you'd look at her the way you look at your mom. Bonds between sisters are so special...

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