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Guilt Over A Business Issue Years Ago

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Years ago I owned a video store and when a customer's late fees accrued to a high amount, I sent some of these people to collections to get the fee.


When I closed the store, many people owed a lot of fees, and I sent some of them to collections.


I have been plagued by guilt for doing this ever since. I should have just let it go. I don't know why I did this. I know it was a business, and I lost money if a video was out for a long time, but I still feel angry at myself for sending people to collections.


I woke up this morning thinking about this again because right now I am dealing with a credit card company who made a mistake about my payment and is now saying I owe hundreds of dollars that I do not. The card contains a debt that I had accrued by remodeling my video store years ago.


I feel like the troubles I am experiencing with this card company are a sort of lesson for me, a karma so to speak, for sending the people to collections.


I am not sure how I get over this guilt.

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honey, where is this guilt coming from?????? I think you did the right thing. They signed an agreement when they rented the videos. if not returned on time, there is a late fee, and if they do not pay the late fee, they get reported to a collections agency. That is life, that's how it works.


It's better that they learn that lesson from a $10 video late fee, rather than being 6 months late on their mortgage.


where is all this guilt coming from?

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I am not sure where the guilt is from, but a lot stems from this feeling that I did not consider these people may have had reasons for being late. I went to collections with only high fees, but the guilt started when someone told me that one of the customers had just become homeless with two kids. After that, I told the collections agency to stop trying to collect the fees.


I do appreciate the advice both of you gave me--The business world is tough, and business people told me that I have to be firm with my prices and not apologise for my policies (I now run a pet sitting business) I can see how giving certain customers an inch will mean they will take a foot. Lessons are learned the hard way sometimes in the world of business.

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i mean, that is the nature of our society.... if you are a business owner, you are there to make money, not to be people's therapists. Maybe that type of job is better suited for you, maybe you can consider running a non-profit agency. However, even then, you can't take crap from people.


Remember, YOU ARE WORTHY ALSO! Your time is also worthy! Now, I have had video business owners forgive a late video when I had a good excuse, but most of the time, I just own up and pay the fine and that is it. you can't stay in business long if you aren't firm. besides, it is not fair to the other clients who would like to rent that video.


my former manicurist had a note on her appointment cards that said, "A broken appointment hurts 3 people - you, me, and another client."

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Thanks annie--You are right--Businesses have to have these policies in order to thrive. We all want to help people as much as we can, but we also have to make a living in order for us to continue doing so.


Pet sitting has been a better venture for me because it is service-oriented and there are not the payment issues I had with the video store.

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