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Contraception help!

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I was taking the mini-pill (Cerazette) but I don't like the fact that you can't take St John's Wort whilst your on it, as I've always found that to be helpful for symptoms of PMS; irritability and mood-swings etc. Has anyone had any luck with taking B-vitamins for these symptoms? My boyfriend and I both hate condoms. Has anyone got any opinions on the injection? It worries me that you're stuck with it for 12 weeks once you've had it, but I'm really stuck for ideas and the whole thing is making me very upset and frustrated - I just want to be protected against pregnancy without having to worry about it constantly!



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I took the depo provera injection and did not enjoy it all, I gained a great deal of weight, was irritable, etc.


It just really depends on the person though.


Why are you deciding to get off the mini-pill?


Is it because you just cannot take St. John's wart?


The mini-pill had the least side effects for me and was the one I enjoyed the most.


It contains progestin, the synthetic form of progesterone, a key regulator of your menstrual cycle.


I did not like the hormone alternatives with estrogen, as they gave me headaches.


In terms of depo provera, it can cause bone resorption, bone loss with increased use, so they only recommend using it for a few years. Down the line, it's possible to get osteoporosis, so if you decide to use it, make sure to use take Calcium, Vitamin D, and do some sort of weight bearing activities, via exercise, so you don't experience that type of bone loss to excessively.


Also with the depo shot, it's a huge dose at once, who knows what that will do to your body in the long run?


Hugs, Rose

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I had very severe cramps, heavy bleeding and awful PMS... I have been on the pill for a year or two and then switched to a Mirena spiral. It's a hormonal spiral, but the hormones are just local (not in the bloodstream like with the pill, the pill made me very MOODY by the way!).


I can really recommend a Mirena spiral. I haven't had a single period on them and much less PMS (my cycle still works hormone-wise but the period is stopped because that is where Mirena works.) It's as safe as the pill, and there is no way you can forget taking it



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We haven't, but have only ever slept with each other.


I would still be tested- especially if you have had 'intimate contact' with anyone else even if it was not actual sex. STIs can be spread from person to person just by rubbing genitals and, for the HSV virus, kissing.

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Hey rebecca,


I think that the Mirena might be a good option for you. But they usually will prepare the woman for some pain if she hasn't given birth prior to having the spiral inserted. 'Inserted' seems like it's just done like that- things down there are a lot tighter if you have never given birth. So yeah, it HURT for me. But seeing that I didn't have the Monthly Period of Horror for 5 years... It was totally worth suffering menstrual cramps times 100 for two days.



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