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HELP PLZ! Job interview tomorrow! So Frightened

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I've been working for a small computer firm for the last 5 years, I've worked all alone no contact with costomers and no real contact with other employees, just alone, which I ended up with confidence problems and Social phobia problems.


I've been for counciling My confidence is up a bit more, I can socialize a bit better but it has always been a little difficult because of my work not helping.


Now I been trying too get out of this job I really cannot stand, I already been to The muller Plant, Yogurt place and had an applitude test and past now they want too see me tomorrow a 3PM.


I now really scared I'm finding it hard to relax and keep calm, I really want this job, It hopfully will help me with my confidence and social problems,

scared if i'm not even going too make through the door, I may faint,

I'm frightned of being sick, I was almost sick when I went for my applitude test, What If I make a fool of myself, What If I carn't anserew the questions she may ask me.


I have a relation and my best friend works there, he knows the person whos going to interview me as a friend, he's warned her I'm going to be a nervious wreck.


I frightened of my words coming out in a stutter which tends to happen when I get nervious.

I frightened i might take it badly when I don't get the job, But I don't think I can go back to my old job as they have been making my job hell knowing I'm looking for a new job, It has caused alot of arguing with me and my boss's They have made me do all sorts of jobs which I should not be doing cuz they know I'm trying too leave.

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This may sound really simplistic but here is something to think about while you are going through the interview:


The worst thing that can happen to you in there is that you won't get the job.

Well you already don't have the job.

So really the worst thing that can happen is that nothing will change. And thats not so bad. Things won't get any worse - no matter what happens in the interview.


And also - maybe you don't even want the job. So many times we get so hung up on whether they want us for the job we forget that maybe the job sucks. Or the boss is a jerk. Or the pay is really bad. So go in there with the mindset of deciding whether YOU want the job. You will be much more relaxed because you are the one in control. You can say NO. Don't worry about whether they want you. You can't control that so why let it bother you. That is their problem.


I hope this helps - and good luck!

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just take a deep breath & concentrate during the interview. im sure everyone gets nervous about these kinds of things, so im sure your interviewer will understand. but you need to show that you are comfortable during your interview. just don't stress out too much over it, try not to think about it.

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