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This might be long. I need help.

My ex and I broke up a few weeks ago. When we first met, it was just a click. We clicked so well. He persued me, and eventually asked me out. This period of persuit wasn't very long, but we got to know eachother better and better as days went by. After about a month of dating we both realized that we really couldn't spend a large amount of time with eachother. Around this time is when he started to get really, really busy with school. He would always complain that we didn't get to see enough of eachother, and it was true. Another month passed, and despite the lack of time spent, he had fallen in love with me. (So he said at the time...) I was crazy about him, too. We talked about it, and he said he was willing to wait until his schedule freed up, and that he still wanted to be with me. As month three approached, he told me that he was having doubts. He said that with each passing weekend, weekends that we couldn't be together, he was falling out. I tried my best to hold onto him, but I felt it dying. A few days after Valentine's Day, he broke up with me. I'm not sure if he was just said this to soften the blow, but when I asked him what I had done wrong, he said nothing. He said that I had done everything perfectly. At the time of our break up, he also said that he wanted to "try it again later", and that he still wanted to stay tight, so that was a possibility. It started out okay, we still talked and stuff, but for the past couple of weeks, he doesn't speak to me. It hurts me SO MUCH that he would act like this, especially after telling me he loved me, etc. (And no, he's not that type of guy that says that to everyone he dates. He was sincere.) Is this his way of telling me that he's changed his mind, and that he would never want to be with me again? And, if it is, is there a way to get over him? He treated me so well, and he was everything I could ever ask for. I really, really miss him. It also pains me that I have to see him every day, everywhere. I feel like if I try to talk to him, he'll want me to go away. That's why I don't try. I really want him back, because I know it could've worked out. Is there a way that I can do that? It's also clear that he's moving on. Please help. I have an undying sense of hopelessness, and it hurts, so badly. How could someone who once said they loved you, just turn around and... not?



I'm not really sure if anyone can help. I'm sorry that that is so long.

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(please put some spaces between its so hard to read)


Bottomline: You shouldn't go into a relationship if you don't have the time to invest into eachother.


Any relationship asks for commitment and time for eachother. Its about being together, but still being able to do their own thing. I dont think that you could be together,nor do your own thing. And seriously if you two are never together you might as well consider yourself as separated. Hon, all his feelings are true, its just (TIME) that is the problem. Nothing more nothing less, however this because a big issue and he did the right thing by letting you go, it would have been just as fruitless as me saying: I have a relationship with you. We don't know eachother,and we also never have seen eachother, what good is a relationship like that? Its trash if we would never be together, so moving back to what you had with him, it was fantastic, but if you two want to be together, you'd had to stop chasing the diamonds in your life, and settle for the brass, thus making time for eachother, so you'd could be together, and also do your own thing.

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