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My boyfriend and I tried to have sex the other day. We made out alot, had some foreplay going. All was good until it was time to put the condom on. He's a virgin, and so am I, and it was his frist time ever trying to put one on, and it took a few condoms to get it on right. After that, we tried the normal missionary possition, and we had a difficult time getting it in. He was nervous to begin with, and with the condoms not going on right, and having a hard time getting it in, those made him extremtly nervous. He got soft very fast after that. We tried again another day, and same thing happened, he got so nervous, and couldn't stay hard.


I was wondering if you had any advice on what I could do to help calm his nerves a bit? Because i'm afraid he'll get so nervous all the time, and we'll never be able to do it. Any advice on helping us out with our other problems? The condom not going on, and not being able to get it in. The nerves seem to be the biggest thing though. Thanks so much =)

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