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this horrible feeling..its just...

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Im wondering if anyone on these forums has ever felt this way as i have. Ok im in a state of some sort of depression, its having an affect on my school work, moods, probably eating habits, and maybe friends. I read on these forums about how people say having a g/f isnt even that great or that it isnt even worth it..etc etc.. Well i mean if u look at it from someone like me who has never had a g/f, never been kissed, gone on a date, or anything like that...u begin to understand how big of a deal it is to me.


Now i currently like someone but i am physically unable to ever date her and it just seems to be a waste of time. I like this girl and i dont know why, i cant get her off of my mind, i cant concentrate on school, I sometimes want to blame liking her for the reason why im doin bad in college, failin 1 class. The whole point im getting at here is that i like someone who i think doesnt feel the same way back. Yet i know of people who like me and i feel absolutly nothing for them. Im at a point right now where i actually love this girl, like i care about her alot, i was really worried about her recently about something and i couldnt stop thinking about her for the entire day.


All i want is just to care about someone and have them feel the same way back to me. Like someone and have them like me back, instead of it always being one sided. Why do i have to have the * * * *ty luck with girls while other guys can have girls like them so easily.


I tried to stay organized in this but its very hard, sry if its somewhat confusing lol..help really appreciated, thanks everyone

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I'm wondering if your expectations are too high, thereforeeee it seems a bigger deal than it is? I was much the same when I was younger (still can have those tendencies) which I learned is through a total lack of self-confidence.


maybe these other guys can seemingly "have girls like them so easily" because they are prepared to put themselves on the line, get to know the girls' personalities, date a few 'ugly ducklings' before getting the ones they really like? it sounds to me like you have ample opportunities to find that girl who cares for you as much you do for her....what about these girls who are attracted to you? are you giving them a chance? don't be so quick to write them off. get to know them personally, you may have more in common than you think.


why don't you ask the girl in question out? so you say it doesn't seem worth it. what if she feels the same about you, what if there is a way to date despite the distance? even if, in the long run, there is no way round it, what will you lose? at least she will know how you feel and you will have expressed your feelings openly. that sounds plenty reason to do it to me. in my experience, those feelings of frustration, loneliness, hopelessness are through not pushing myself for the very things I want the most.


are you prepared to put yourself on the line? good luck.

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