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ok. so i have abit of a problem i think. thought id share it and see what you guys think.


i have been going out with a girl since the end of december. and as much as i try, i can honestly say i am not in love with her, nor do i love her.

i have strong feeling for her, but its not love. not like it has been in the past.

i can honestly say that i love my best friend. but not in the same way.



i find it weird, or strange that i cannot bring myself to love my girlfriend, yet i can love my best friend. even those im using the word love in two completely different contexts there.


im writing this because of something that someone said to me in the pub the other night. i was in a conversation with some people i dont really know. they were all asking eachother silly questions like "if you had to, would you take a bullet for anyone" and daft stuff like that.

and it made me realise, other than the family [mother and father] the only other person id do that for, was my best friend.



and i dont say that lightly, id do anything for that girl.

[i in no way fancy her or anything, just to make that faact clear]




i just find it impossible to feel as strongly about my girlfriend as i do about her.


is this odd, is there something wrong with me ?

urgh, this is just turning into one long thread with me saying very little of any relevance.

i dont know.

i guess my feelings are just highly messed up right now.


any feedback you might have would be appreciated.

so if your reading this, please reply with something. whatever your thoughts on this are.

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it's hard to say..... you have only been dating her for 3 months, IMHO, not enough time to really "LOVE" someone (I think it takes longer than that, maybe 6 months - 1 year or 2 years). It's hard to say though, when you should feel one way about a person or not. I'd say at 3 months, you just don't know each other well enough to be able to "love" each other and know for sure. Early on, lust is the emotion that predominates.


Do you want to continue seeing her? Go with your gut.... if you are unsure, keep seeing her, and re-examine the issue in a few months. No one said you need to propose to her today.

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i think the whole going to university thing soon has something to do with how im currently feeling. im not even bothered about what happens to my relationship then, theres always other relationships out there and nothing lasts forever at this age.[18] ive come to accept that.


but leaving my bestmate, is actually the worst feeling ever.

feels like im guna be loosing a part of me.

i dont like it at all.

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ah, I see.... well, you know what, just go off to university and see what happens. I think at your age, 3 months is too short to know if she is your "soul mate" or not. Now, if you two were in your 60s and had a lot of life experience, you may be better able to know if this is the RIGHT person for you or not. There is no rush here, just see what happens, and stay together if it works for you, and if it doesn't, then break up and go your separate ways. good luck

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im not talking about my girlfriend. thats not going to last. ive accepted that.


im talking about the best friend there.

and i know shes not my soul mate. but i do know were still guna be proper close well into our 60's.

its just guna really suck hardly seeing her for 4 years.

and me 2 closest guy mates.


guna near enough break my heart when ive gotta leave them.

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