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Well on Sunday I'm about to go I'm my first "Date" , ok well it's not a date more like two kids hanging out and going to go watch a movie at the theater, before I say anything else I'm just gonna talk about this girl -

Her name is Amber (oh god I forgot her last name) and we met from my sister in law and her friend at a distance beach where we salmon fish. When we first met my sister in law kept insisting that we hang out and talk, stupid reasons too like go gather sticks and stuff. And we started hanging out on the beach talking and stuff, but I'm not good with talking I couldn't think of a good subject! Before we left I get her number and haven't called her for two summers! After seeing her again on Friday I got the nerve to ask her out today to go out and hang out at the mall/theater on Sunday. And Technically I'm freaking out.

Here's me -

Quiet, Never dated before, never had a girlfriend, and would it surprise you to say that I am overweight? Not THAT overweight, well I mean yeah I could lose a lot of pounds but it doesn't look nearly as bad as you think. And I'm worried because maybe she's just saying that to be nice or maybe she's just going to give me a stupid reason not to go on Sunday or maybe she'll lose interest me, or worse case scenario she already has a boyfriend (But I don't know she's pretty shy.) And now I'm scarred that I won't know what to talk to her about what if it's just dead silence the whole time!? and as far as flirting go I'll probably keep emphasizing on how pretty she looks and stuff, I don't think she even considers this a date, I need some advice on how to act, what to talk about, what to say, and how to show her theres more to me than just some big guy?


Oh and the major difference between talking to my friends and talking to a girl I who's attention I really want to attract is that the socializing me my friends do consist of "What if's"... "What if everyone died and the only two left was you and a man who can make babies..." stupid jokes like that, I never said that joke in my life by the way, and I don't want Amber thinking I'm stupid jerk.


=Don't be afraid to be harsh I need a reality check.=

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You are freaking out too much. I don't really see whats to panic about, besides it being your pseudo first date. If you two have already hung out before, she has determined that she likes you to an extent already. Thats why she gave you her phone number. Either way, you've probably heard this before but its the best piece of advice I could think of, be yourself. Did you think she liked you around at the beach?


But besides that, don't make it awkward. Just be relaxed, calm and confident. Don't try to act like someone you're not- that usually screws up and backfires on you. Take this as a time to get to know each other a bit more. Find out her likes and dislikes..let her know yours, etc.

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Well, she obviously likes you, because she wants to spend time with you! So bonus - can't go wrong.


You're going to the mall, lots of shops, lots of things to play with and look at, talk about, coffees to be had, movies to go and see. There won't be look silences, because you've got so much going on.


You know one thing you've forgotten might happen? You might have a brilliant time!!!


Have a great time, let us know how it goes.

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You'll be just fine - thats your insecurity taking the lead. Tell her to go away (insecurity, not your date ;-))

I think you two will be just fine

I liked the way you wrote your post, you're a smart guy.

May I risk to sound like someones mom and say: aaaaaawwww how cute your first date ....

Here I said it, now feel free to hate me lol

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