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HELP! Gotta get fit to start new job!

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I need to loose all this fat in 1 month. Just a summary, Ive always had a weight problem as a child, and then the past few years I really struggled and have lost a lot of weight. Now Im 5'2, my weight keeps moving from 120-125 pounds, or 55-58 kilos...still sorta chubby..but I sometimes dont mind it.


I havent been exercising lately, but I eat quite healthy. Im vegetarian and my family is quite conscious about fat. I hardly eat out, its mostly home cooked meals..probably eat a little too many biscuits, or snack too much out of boredom sometimes.


Now Since i start working in a month, Ive GOT to lose this weight! I want to be atleast 52-53 kilos! its going to be really tough, ive tried a lot but it keeps fluctuating and I gain it back.


So do you think this will work?: Everyday plan for 1 month?:


1. Walk/jog a bit on the treadmill for an hour before breakfast.

2. Swimming for an hour.

3. Walk/jog for an hour outdoors.

4. And join an Aerobics class which lasts another hour.


Do you think If i do this everyday, I will be overdoing it or It'll be enough?

Honest opinions please...



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Honest opinion, 120-125 lbs sounds pretty healthy to me.


But if you want to lose a few extra pounds, your plans sounds like it will work fine. Drink LOTS and LOTS of water.


I don't think you need to go as far as running twice a day, once in the morning, and then swimming should be enough. Try and cut back on your carb intake, and make sure you're eating at least 3 meals a day. With little snacks inbetween (crackers, nuts, fruit).

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Honestly, I think for your height and weight, you're pretty healthy. But if you really want to lose weight, I suggest you look at the HIIT method of training. I've done it and it helps burn fat fast and doesn't take up as much time.


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