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i'm a undergrad philosophy major, and soon to graduate. i've decided law school isn't for me, but i dont have a back up plan. i enjoy what i study, but i'm starting to think that i might resent spending so much time with my head in the clouds thinking about cosmological issues that have no benefit to my everyday practical life.


i was wondering if there are any people experienced with life to tell me honestly if playing around with potential answers to unanswerable questions is something that should be avoided. our time is short, should we not spend it indugling in philosophical issues?

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welcome to enotalone. First off, does your university offer any "career days?" I think that would be a good thing to sign up for. Why don't you take some classes now that are really different from what you do now? Take a science class, take some graphics design, maybe some history courses, etc.... see if any of those things spark your interest.


What do you want to do? what makes you happy?

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If finding a job is your main concern, it may be a good idea to talk to the philosophy professors that you've had. Sure, they have dedicated their lives to theory and academics, but they may have some suggestions as far as finding a "practical" use for your major.

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