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not confident enough


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Hey I'm not sure if it is the right topic for my problem, so sorry in advance.


Ok now I'm not confident enough to look at a guy and smile and stuff, you know...

I had a boyfriend which I met online, than we met in real life, so that was easier, cuz I knew him. Now I'm all alone, and want a boyfriend to forget HIM and just have some fun in my life, cuz it's very boring right now. So please guys, can anyone tell me what to do? I mean I'm shy as hell, I'm not confident, even though I know that I'm so not the last one with my face in school. So pls help, I cant stand it alone. I want a boyfriend

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here is a rule of thumb: if he is strait, if he is single, if you are a good looking member of the oppisit sex anything you say to him will be greatly appreciated, NO ONE likes to be the first to make the move. that is one of the reasons we exist =D LoL. but really as long as you arnt like really fat or have a prostetic arm or anything {which I'm sure you look great LoL } most anything you say will be appreciated emensly.

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Hello... I think this is something that you yourself must handle. The only skills you need to get a boyfriend is to be friendly...


Normally guys will approach the girls, so you shouldn't have to worry about this. Just keep a conversation going, perhaps *smile* and laugh... Talk about what interests you, or what he's wearing or what class you're in or hobbies, ANYTHING! In order to have a boyfriend, you must start off as friends (obviously), and work your way up. Learn to socialize with the opposite sex in person. Just act like you're making a new (girl) friend, it's pretty much the same, lol, just less feminine... Anyways, good luck and keep us updated!

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Yes we care hunny!!!!! But the thing is is that there are sooo many of us out there. We all care about different things, we all have certain "types", certain interests, certain people we just like and mesh with. So to answer your question about insecurity, you really shouldn't be - except to just try to be the best you.


Seriously here, I know it sounds cliche but you can't really be with someone else until you are comfortable with yourself. I have a friend who's not the greatest looking guy in the world but he just get women like crazy, why? Because he doesn't care what other people MAY think, he knows he's got it....and you should know that as well.


I guess I'm just rambling. But I wanted to let you know that you shouldn't be caught up in your insecurities, but rather focus on what you have to offer to guys. You are smart? Intelligent? Fun?


That's my two cents.



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I a 21 year old lad, I would really like a girlfriend, but I'm really shy I've gotten a little anxious and depressed over the situation.


I've been trying too build my confidence up, too try too approach girls even if it just means being friends, but I guess I'm finding it a little difficult, my lifes okay I guess! I have alot of hobbies to keep me occupied, but I feel incomplete, kinda missing someone special, Girls often carn't believe I've never had a girlfriend I've been told by alot of girls I'm the best looking out of all my mates, but I find it hard too believe as I'm still single and my m8s have girlfriends.


I find even on this site when you say you want a girlfriend, people seem to straight away start thinking you only want a girlfriend for SEX...

I don't really care about the Sex, I just don't wanna be alone I want to do the thinks couples do together like go on Holiday, go out for meals, Hold hands, UKNOW Thats all.


I'm not really to bothered about the way girls dress, but someone dressed to inpress would more likely catch my eye, than someone who isn't, The Zit problem, Depends how bad! If it is bad I'd go to the doctor and gets some drugs, But if its just a couple I'd don't think It would be much of a problem.

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