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What is wrong with me??


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I hate this... I am reading a bulletin that my GF posted. When asked "Who is the sexiest person you know?" She says: "Yeah, it would be smart to answer that question."


I immediately felt cold. I felt irritated, not to the point of angry, but almost. I began to go through all the ex's she's told me about, wondering "Who's sexier then me?" I know I may not be the sexiest person she's known-for some reason it bothers me. I know that it shouldn't, I mean she's with me. So why should I feel this way?


Then another question: "What is the sexiest thrill you never had yet?" She answers: "heh." That bothered me also... I was thinking ? I always ask what her fantasies are, what can I do to make sex more interesting, etc.


It seems like she has a sexy/flirty personality around people. How can she come off this way? When we are alone together and I ask for sex, she usually tells me "no." I feel lucky if I have her once a week lately.


I don't understand her duality. I don't understand the point of it.

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Can you ask her directly? Say that you read her bulletin and the way you interpreted those questions makes you want to check in and make sure everything is OK. As long as it doesn't sound like you're attacking her, I'm sure she would explain what's going on in her head.

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you have to make her feel sexual..dont even ask a woman for sex..that is such a turn off, compliment her on her sexual abilities and the next time you have sex tell her how much you love it while doing it, you have to excite her, asking her for it like asking for a bologna sandwhich..who gets excited over bologna other than starving people..no one

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on a totally different topic, don't you find it odd that she is in her 30s and posting on her website/bulletin about her sex life? I mean, isn't that more of a thing you do in high school, maybe early college? If anything, I think it's a good sign she didn't answer those questions. but then again, I don't know what she answered.

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I'm on a number of boards that have older women on them (married and not) who post up memes like this just because. It's a bit of fun, everyone else is sending them around, lots of reasons that all equate to the fact that it's the internet and thereforeeee doesn't mean anything deep...


Honestly, I'm more concerned that he's in his 30's and obsessing over a myspace post.

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Oh I wouldn't say that I'm obsessing... geez, Just wondering why I have the feelings that I do.. I find getting other's perspectives on a situation can help me "Step outside" of it. You know, see from someone else's point of view.


I know that posting to a site like this, there will be some "backtalk" as well as advice.

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Been there done that. A similar scenario occurred with me and my ex and I would tell you this seriously, if it bother you...tell her. Internet or NO internet, feelings are feelings. Whoever tells you it's just online is a moron. My advice to you is to tell her. Don't make this a big deal but I know it hurts..rather makes you uneasy about yourself. it's so much better to come clean then hide it because you can avoid future problems by discussing it now.

P.S: not to SCARE you but my boyfriend ended up liking the girl he kept "e-flirting" with on myspace (she was my friend also). Just because it's the internet doesn't mean it still can't hurt. But also take in account that you don't know in what sense she said this (one of the drawbacks of the internet. You don't know the emotions of other people) so don't blow it out of proportion either. Just tell her how you feel...that is always the best way. She'll understand. We've all been there.

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