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a day that was ruined from the start


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I thought today would start off like any Friday!! I was looking forward to a relaxing weekend.... I catch the train to work, i work in the City Centre of Brisbane and i live out in the suburbs.... it takes about 20 mins to get to work.... today it took about an hour and a half......


A lady had comitted suicide by jumping in front of a train just a bit earlier than ours..... it was so heart breaking..


we got stuck between the stations and then we went past it... there was the train just stationary police all around it. then we went past a white sheet which was covering something up.... the feeling was numbing.


I feel so fortunate that I have a life that is free from pain and guilt. I feel for the persons family and it saddens me that the person had to go to such an extreme... i wish everyones life was perfect. I wish i knew that person so i could have helped them...


I think i learnt a lot about life today by seeing that.

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I have something more to add tho.


Someone who commits suicide doesn't do it to hurt others. So even tho they cause pain we need to forgive them, they are so swallowed up with agony and suffocating by their misery that they become so self focused that they don't even see what misery their death would cause to others.


You shouldn't let the negativity of these people mold you into something you don't want to be.


A family member hunged herself a month ago, it sends a wave of negativity that like a ripple in a pond will spread to everyone around the world, the network of connections gets damaged and people get hurt as a result of that.


We need to celebrate the good things that are there in life, the meaning of life is to love and help people, we have to go against the negativity that life offers us in order to become stronger souls. *hugs* , i hope this affair doesn't get you down, if you help someone out, it will send a positive ripple around the world, this world can become a happy place if everyone loves and helps eachother, so please join and love the world.

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those are beautiful words robowarrior.

i am sorry about your loss.

I do forgive the person, It just hurts i guess that they were so sad and depressed that it drove them to do it.... no one should ever feel so low.

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Omg thats so sad i even have tears in my eyes and goosebumps all over my body. I feel so sorry for her family and friends, they must be so hurt right now, also for those people that were there and saw it that image will be stuck in there head for the rest of there lives.

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that's really tragic. It's crazy how one death can affect so many people directly and indirectly.

robowarrior has an excellent point. It reminds me of a quote I heard once from a suicidal friend (she eventually snapped out of it). "You think I'm selfish for wanting to die, but I think you're selfish for making me live"

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