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I don't really know where to post this.


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Hi, I've had a crappy day and I guess I just feel like I need to vent somewhere. I need advice, but I don't even know what to ask for or what kind of advice I need.. I've been so stressed out lately. I can never sleep. I live with my mom and my brother.. and my dad.. and my mom and my brother wake up at 5 or 6 AM every morning. I have finally fallen asleep (I get home after 8, so even if all I do is eat dinner and get ready for bed, I can't possibly go to sleep before 10, and it takes me an hour or two after that to fall asleep) at midnight at the earliest and the dog starts barking because my mom and brother are up. I get 0 sleep until they leave. Then the dog calms down and I might get sleep for an hour or two, and then it's 10 and I have to get up. Yeah, it sounds like I'm lazy and I get up late (10!) but if you subtract the three hours that the dog barks during, plus the fact that I sleep horribly and wake up at least 20 times every night, I get about 6 hours of sleep. I'm always tired and I'm the kinda person who seems to need at least 10 hours to feel rested, so 6 isn't too good for me, but whatever. Anyway, I spend my entire morning doing homework and chores and then I go to school. I get home at night and do the same thing over again. I don't have a job, so why is my time so full? What am I doing wrong? Sometimes I have extra time and I spend it exercising so I can have more than a quarter of a normal portion of food. YAY, THAT IS THE FUNNEST THING I DO ALL DAY. Then sometimes I get even less sleep because my ex boyfriend acts like a just mean So today after waking up because I finally ahd a day off but I spent the whole day doing homework from the second I woke up to the second my ex boyfriend called and decided to be a just meanjust mean I told my mom "today I woke up and did work and then I do more work and tonight I get to try for hours to fall asleep and then I get to wake up, do more work, go to school, do more work and then clean! yay!" because I was upset, and she says "life is like that".. so life is doing absolutely 0 of what you want to do? Never ever spending a second with a friend or 1 SECOND out of your day breathing instead of working and being stressed out and being harassed and being nervous and then exercising because you spent the whole day sitting down doing work so you should do some more work to keep in shape afterwards? Is that really life? Because why the hell would anyone want to live it if thats what it is, huh? There is 0 point to life if life is just staying alive. So, any advice or is this just what life is cause I was unaware of this life thing up until now and I really dont plan on participating in it if my mom was correct. So um?

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(oh, by the way, me making this post is the use of my 1 second of free time to do fun things tomorrow.. I used it just now because Im supposed to be doing work right now even though I feel like horrible, so tomorrow I have exactly 0 seconds to spend breathing) and i also dont have my homework done for school tomorrow, so i can get a bad grade AFTER spending the whole day doing work (even tho i still get a bad grade even when i spend the whole day and night doing the work anyways) yay. how rewarding. i feel like i just starved for ten months straight and climbed five mountains in the heat with no water and mosquito bites, and in return i get 0 sleep again tonight and bad grades tomorrow. yay yay yay.

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Wow.... OK, take a deeeeeep breath. I don't know where you're from or what you're situation is, but it doesn't really matter at this point I don't think. You need to get a job (anything will do) find a place of your own, get a new phone number and DO NOT tell your ex. If he wants to find you in person tell him that you'll get a restraining order if he ever comes near you again (tell him this even if it's a bluff, he'll probably buy it if you're angry enough). Get angry at people and events that waste your time. This is YOUR life. Structure your study schedule as well as your gym schedule and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't buy a dog. Because right now I want to shoot the one you have for wasting 3 hours of your time every night! No more of that. It's time to simplify things and, come hell or high water, get it done.


Winston Churchill once said "It's not enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what's required." Sometimes that's true.

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I don't suppose you've tried taking like an advil pm or anything of that sort? Also, I know they are not for everyone but I know several people who wear ear plugs when they sleep (I can't stand the feeling of them, but they do block out the noise).


I know everyone has to do different things to be prepared for classes, but its always been my belief that its every bit as important to be relaxed as it is academically prepared. I would simply tell you to cut out a bit of your studying time and spend it on yourself, but then again, I do know that some people need to completely grind the books.


Maybe you could form a study group or something? I mean at least you could socialize a bit while your getting your work done. Whatever you do please just relax a bit and take a moment for yourself.

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Why wouldn't you be able to have a normal portion of food otherwise? Are you on a diet?


This is what I was wondering, too.

Eating healthy and eating on a regular schedule is really important.


When it comes to trying to get to sleep, why not try:

a hot bath

chamomile tea or other "sleep-aid" teas

warm milk


There's a natural supplement you can get at health food stores (maybe box stores like wal-mart too, im not sure, ive never looked) called melatonin. It's supposed to help with a number of things, but being a sleep-aid is a big part of its use.


Or just talk to your doctor about not being able to sleep. He/She could make recommendations

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