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Should I ask her out?


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Kind of an odd question and sorry about that but here is the story. Im going to paraphrase this. Apparently this girl who I know a little thinks Im cute. And she acts weird around me. So basically im contemplating asking her out. (Here is a link with a tad more detail ). But the point is, should I ask her out, she is really cute but I dont know her that well. And i guess id find it kind of odd if someone i hardly knew asked me out. Any tips on how to do this? I have one class with her but its on the opposite side of the room so we never talk. And I lack her phone number. The only real opportunity would be when she walks to her car because we park close together but even then i might not catch her. Any tips, ideas, and is easy on the eyes a good indication of a girl liking you (check the link for more detail). I guess I just dont think she's interested because she hardly knows me? Anyhow thanks a lot. And sorry for this being such a mess, Im dead tired and its 12 30.



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to answer your question, definitely.


don't necessarily do the plain ole' "will you go out with me?" crud. that's not what you're looking for here.


just ask her to go to a movie with you or dinner or something. invite her to hang with you and your friends or something. just get her used to hanging out with you, then ask her to be your girlfriend later. that way, you didnt rush into anything, and you dont scare her off

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You don't have her #... then you should ask for it. Then use that number to call her and ask her out. A movie isn't always the best when you don't know someone because it doesn't give you ample time to talk and get to know each other better. How about miniature golfing or something?


And yes, it's fine to ask out someone you don't know. When you become an adult you will find that this is very common and normal.

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