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How do you tell them...


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OK so I play this game online called CounterStrike and am part of what is called a clan (basically a team) and the game is probably one the most played in the world. It has leagues online in which you compete against other teams and you can move up to more skilled divisions.


Needed knowledge to continue:


Team = 5 players

Ventrilo = Voice communication chat program online



For the past 4 years I've played with this group of friends - about 2 or 3 of us are actually skilled enough at the game to go further. I really want to take those few of us and gather some other better players and get higher up in the leagues but I don't want to hurt the rest of the groups feelings. We're all REALLY good friends . We met online through the game and actually have met in real life.


How do I tell them that the few of us want to go further without making them feel bad?

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Yeah I agree, there is probably no way of doing it that won't hurt some feelings. That's not to say you shouldn't do it because this sort of thing happens all the time in life.


If you talk to then honestly, they may not like the message but they will respect you for being upfront and open with them.

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Counterstrike died with 1.6


I'm assuming you're captain (ROFL) in that case you don't give up on your members because their skill level isn't sufficient for O or IM I know you're in OGL by the way you talk though. Just hold a bunch of practices, but it's a waste of time. Try something with a bigger playerbase, all the hardcore Cs'ers left CS for different games.

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