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Why I left her: A play by play account

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I think ..after reading that in detail....that you dodged a HUUUGE bullet with this woman. As I read (in horror) the way this woman treated you, and talked to you.....I completely empathised with you...and agree with your decision. The fact she never even asked how you were doing or feeling after your Aunts passing was COMPLETELY self centered and selfish. I am SOOOOO happy you made this choice for yourself.......I really really am. You DEFINETELY did the right thing..so please ..please, don't doubt for a second you did anything wrong. It is obvious this woman was totally self centered...

and had not an OUNCE of concern for you.........

Kudos to you........

You are a great example of WHY NC should be implemented..and maintained

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I often read posts like yours wondering what the other side of the story might be, since we all tend to paint a picture from our own POV, but while reading your story, there wasn't a twinge.

You really are better off without this woman draining you of vitality.

She sounds like selfish child, and I'm sure you can find peace with your wise decision.


Well done!

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Good work Dan, she sounds truly demanding and you are worthy of far more than this.


This sounds a lot like the two year relationship my husband had with a woman before me, he stuck it out for reasons I do not understand, but I think it was basically because he was a nice guy and he felt that if he left it might be evidence he had a problem with relationships/commitment. Of course it all got too much for him in the end as well, just too much aggressive and manipulative BS. After a couple of years he met me, and I am completely awesome , ha ha. Seriously though, we rarely fight and I am so grateful for his strength and compassion and the interest he pays to me. Take some time to build up your strength, then get back out there when you're ready to meet those women who will love you as you are...

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oh my god i was mortified when I read your post shes diabolical! cant believe you even stuck to her for that long. shes an inconsiderate,selfish,evil,spoilt psychopath! you're WAYYYY better off without her. man, you live through hell. I'll bow to you....

You will eventually meet the right one. Just let love come to you, and at the meantime, enjoy life

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I, like Gina, am ashamed to admit I used to be abit like this girl not as bad though, she sounds Crazy!!!


I changed my ways years ago-THANK GOD!! My partner really stood up for himself one day+I realized how scared I was of losing him-He is the most Amazing man, the most Amazing partner Ever, I truly believe this-I was a Fool+I am so Lucky he stayed+that I saw the error of my ways because I Love him SO much. We've been together eight years now.


Are you sure it is over with this girl. Are you not in love with her anymore? Maybe she has changed now she has witnessed you being Strong, that she has seen you are willing to leave?

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^^ Yer, I would fly off the handle and blame everything on my ex... but I apologised afterwards, and he really didnt listen to anything I would tell him... it was a combination of both of our bad points...


ANYWAYS, Im not sure being pissy at someone for going to a family funeral is really forgivable... no matter how much she wants to change...

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never hear from you again..... what happens if she contacts you out of the blue in 4 months and says how sorry she is and that she would die for you and change herways... so long as she can be with you forever!!!!?? LOL


would you forgive or at least consider?

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Dan and others,



There is nothing in the world worse than being unappreciated. I am sure

this is only a 'taste' of what she had to offer. I have also experienced this in my past and finally grew very weary of it and let her.


The sad thing is, they don't know any better. Narcissistic behavior needs a supply. You were that supply and allowed her to manipulate you. I did the same thing years ago. I my years of up and down relationships, I have learned one MIGHTY thing....


It is plain and simple...


NO one... but NO one will ever make me feel less of a man. EVER!



This was my own fault mind you for allowing her to do this. I learned to let go of anything negative. I don't care what it is...or who it is. If you think of negativity as a poison....why would you want ANY poison in your life? I wouldn't. I learned to hold my head up and say..."I don't care what you think of me....I am all I need and I am a better person than to tolerate such behavior."


Narssisitic behavior is absolutely draining. If you have never been involved in a relationship with one...read up on it so you don;t get pulled down. Such a relationship will rob you of not only your confidence, your self worth, your ability to think for yourself, your money and you may even question if you really are "worthless". DON'T BELIEVE THIS NONSENSE.


A narsisist will stop at nothing to get what they want and will use you and throw you away like a piece of trash. NOTHING...but NOTHING will ever be good enough. NO matter how much "Love" you have for them..it will NEVER be enough. If you buy them EXACTLY what they asked for...it's not good enough...If you go out of your way to be "loving", it is not recognized. YOU DO NOT MATTER AT ALL to narcissist. Please do yourself a favor and research this topic. You will be relieved if you are not with such a person but if you are....it may scare you.


I look at it this way. I would rather be single and happy, than attached to something negative. Loneliness can be crippling BUT again....for those out there that have never met people like Dan's ex, you will ALWAYS be better off.


I come from the South of the United States. We say grace, we say "please" and "thank you". We open doors for people..we tip our hats and wave at people we don't know out of common curtosity. We do it because we appreciate people and what they do for us.


If you do not feel appreciated in t your current relationship...why stay?


Please do yourself a favor....break away from those who talk about love and never demonstrate it.


Dan not only had enough, he was able to get away from this monster and realize that she NO MATTER HOW MUCH HE MAY HVE LOVED HER..was never going to be happy. Not only with him....BUT WITH ANYONE.


Dan, on a personal note... Do not ever contact this monster again. You can almost count on her doing one of two things...


1. Will try to do anything to get your attention back so she can use you again


2. Will move on to the next guy and curse your name behind your back.



No matter what....you realize that you are a gift of God with Love in your heart and sense in your head. YOU WILL FIND HAPPINESS because it will be drawn to you. What have you lost? If you had nothing..you LOST NOTHING.


Hold your head up and smile...You should be walking on air right now. I wish you the best...


Don't go looking for love....It's on it's way. It will find you.


God Bless you my friend..i know it's been a rough ride but it's over.



If you take the "L" out of lover....IT'S "OVER"



Your friend,




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I'm so sorry to hear of your Great Aunt's passing. I am also extremely proud of you for getting out of this relationship. You deserve 200% more than that! She does not deserve you.


Doesn't it feel like a weight has been lifted off of your chest? People like that just breathe poison into you slowly, and before you know it, you are lying on the floor suffocating and wondering what hit you.


Hang in there!

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Thanks so much for the kind words. I can always count on you to say the right thing. You are a source of inspiration to me and to everyone. I can not agree with what you said more. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It's as if you knew her, you hit the nail on the head when describing her! Where were you a year and half ago!


I am walking on air, I am loving life, and grateful that I rid myself of such poisons and toxins. You can rest assured that I will never let her near me again in any way, shape, and form. No one will ever do that to me again as long as I live! I know I am a great person, with a lot of love to give to the right person. I know I will find happiness with someone, but I also know I have happiness right now, as we speak, with myself!


Thank you so much Dave.



Dan on Long Island.

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there are always three sides to every story... his, hers and the truth... but even if what youve written about her is 1/16th of the truth, you are a brave man!...

you have escaped a fruit loop!... ... this woman is alot like my ex, who manipulated every situation to make me feel guilty!... unfortunately for me he did this by being "sad" instead of angry... i took it as love when in fact it was nothing but controlling me... phew!...

God bless you for getting out in time... you know and everyone on enotalone knows that there are plenty of lovely, kind, understanding, beautiful women around for you to love and love you in return...

keep on keepin on darling... your a braveheart!...



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