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liked a guy for 2 years, nothin's happened


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okay so i have a friend who is in this situation: she has liked a guy for the past 2 years and tried showing him that she's interested in him, but he just hasnt shown anything back. instead, all the hanging out they've done has gotten him more attracted in her best friend!! and yep, looks like this best friend of hers is gonna go with him...how nice


i really dont know what to say to her. i'd say let the guy come after you but i've never had a guy do that to me so i almost dont know if it's possible really...and she's really not interested in ANYONE else besides him... and whatabout her friend dating him? it looks like that's not gonna get in between their friendship cuz it's REALLY strong and they've been friends for life, but that's hard!! i just dont know how to help her. is there something she should say to the guy or do for him?

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yeah that's what she knows she should do, she just really likes him so it's really hard for her to do. i just wish i knew what to say to her...that i knew a guy would go after her in time, but like i said that's never happened to me so i'm not sure if I even believe that...

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