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Tears keep on falling,

Hearts keep on breaking,

The last conversation is stalling,

My soul is for the taking.


And when you cry,

I wipe those tears away,

Yes when you wished to die,

It was upon my shoulder you lay.


But when the table turns,

And its my tears that are streaming,

When the pain simply burns,

Your face is still gleaming.


Theres nothing to worry about,

The light is still in the sun,

Theres no reason to pout,

Theres no reason to run.


Deep inside my heart,

I know you'll never realise,

No one ever thought i'd one to start,

No one ever thought i'd be the one telling lies.


Student councillor,

Library monitor,

Office assitant,

Debater of the year...


Kind, sweet, shy,

A face with a smile,

Never a tear to cry,

Willing to walk 100 miles.


Straight A's,

Teachers pet,

Nothing keeps me at bay,

My future is already set.


The disguise i used,

The easiest way,

To just pretend i'm amused,

Never thought the price would be so hard to pay.


But now my disguise has faded,

And the fears that i made forbidden,

Are no longer shaded,

Are no longer hidden.


Gone are the As,

Gone are the awards,

As they stare in amase,

Its me getting rushed into the hospital wards.


She tried to take her life,

One whispers to the next,

No one ever thought i'd hold the knife,

No one ever thought i'd write the suicidal text.


And when i awake,

People look and stare,

Say i'm just another fake,

Say my life was easy to bare.


But no one sees the hidden tears,

Yeah no one sees the hurt,

They saw what they wanted to after all the years,

No more fears...

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