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grrr... feels like all the girlz dont like me, havnt done anything wrong. no like I'm ugly or anything they just dont talk to me, I'm not annoying. what am I doing wrong, I dont know how to talk to girlz. usualy it is in the class rooms that it seems my opertunitys pass, because I have no freakin' idea how to approach them. they are usualy sitting in there seats right in plain sight yet for some reason I cant just suck it up go over and talk to em'. How do I go about approching a girl? any thoughts, particularly from girls but any advice is welcome. {p.s. I am 14 for referance and am a freshman.}

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alrighty...first, think of why you want to talk to these girls....to have friendly conversation...or something more? figure out which ones youd rather just be friends with and then figure out who you think theres something more than friends with... the ones you want as friends..just talk to them as you would any of your guy friends, then that will make it easier to take the next step into talking to the girls you are attracted to... when talking to the girls you are attracted to, start of as friends..then if need be move on!

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I do have one imparticular in mind, I have basically gotten down the catagorys of friends more than friends ect. I can talk to them once we get going I just dunno how to approach them like we are both in our seats and I dont know what I should do next coming to her and sitting next to her would be unwanted probly LoL then you know there is the lunch room and I dunno know what to do there either.

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hmmm suggest a group of your friends..like 1 or 2 to sit near her table in the lunch room or something. ask her to borrow a quarter or somethign so you can get a drink...make eye contact and smile..tell her you'll pay her right back the next day, and thank her ...still maintaining eye contact, FRIENDLY eye contact...you dont want her to think yur a psycho serial killer.

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