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only being able to orgasm in a certain position


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This is my first post on this forum.. I was looking for an answer for this, and hopefully I can find it here..


For some reason I (im a guy) have trouble to orgasm when I'm on top.. the only real way for me to make it work is when she is on top of me and well.. almost like grinding in a certain way..


I noticed this with more than one girl over the past years.. with or without condom and also with someone I have been with for over 1,5 years (so at that point I was quite comfortable with everything..)


I'm sort of assuming this is just something that can't really be helped.. I can live with that, but I guess im just looking for someone who has or has experienced the same with thing (with someone) ...


I never come really quickly anyway (unless I take matters into my own hands..) but yea.. is this weird?


Devin Dazzle

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I think its more what you've got used to. Being on top requires more effort on the guys behalf, when you might just like sitting back and enjoying it.


I find it harder to orgasm when standing up than lying down.

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