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Resistant or recurring yeast infections.

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Yeah. The joys of being a WOMAN! So, tell me...if anyone here has had this issue what has worked for you? I've done research and I've read about garlic, acidophilus, oil of oregano, boric acid, yogurt etc... Has any of this worked for anyone or does anyone have any other suggestions? I'm getting desperate. I've had what seems like a CONSTANT yeast infection for the past 2 months and now its the worst its ever been. Vaginal creams and diflucan (even used together!) did not work. I need to get this fixed soon before it takes its final toll on my relationship. HEEEEEELP!

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Have you been tested?

It could be a bacterial infection, sorry to say.

diflucan can make it WORSE... I hate the damn thing!!!


I used to get them really badly

Now i sleep naked and I eat a lot of yogurt... I seem to be fine

Oh, and I dont use condoms

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I've had what seems like a CONSTANT yeast infection for the past 2 months and now it’s the worst it’s ever been.


I think it's time for a dr's visit! The word seems leaves a few openings for other things and it's better to be safe than sorry. Your doctor can advise you on treatment and what you can do to reduce the chances of reoccurrence.



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I was the same and you know what i figured it was, my pill? I was taking Cilest and I typed in "Cilest - thrush" and a million pages came back on people saying they had thrush all the time on that pill.


I changed my pill and i made my boyfriend use canestan for about a month to make sure he was totaly clear, i took diflucan and used the creams, slept naked got plenty of air, i didnt wear knickers for a week actually ooer! ha ha and then I have showers only, no baths, if you have a bath use clear water no bubble bath and dont lie in for ages after you have used some soap becuse that irritates i also make sure my boyfriend rinses his bits and pieces after a bath because residue of soap on his penis can irriate.


i am officially a month free of it, hoever, just started taking antibiotics and they always give me thrush so im scared!!


its horrid but worth checking out your pill x

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Your absolutely right. My doc told me that when some women take the pill it increases their chances of reoccurring yeast. It did that to me also. I haven't had one since I quit taking the pill.


Anytime I have to take an antibiotic, I eat LOADS of yogurt everyday and I haven't got another yeast infection.

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1) Visit the doctor in case it's something other than a yeast infection

2) ^ what they said

3) I also had recurring infections caused by the BC pill - and over about 5 year was on 3 different kinds of pill, so it wasn't one particular kind of pill, either.... have had, i think, 2 infections in total in the time since i came off the pill - nothing compared to the previous 4 or 5 times a year!

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