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I need advice really bad on my life and girfriend

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If u read my lasts posts u will be filled in.. well we got back together and we are really in love with each other...she thinks i am absolutly wonderful..Well its been 3 weeks since we got back together and we have only been seeing each other 2 times a week..we hung out last night and i brought it up..she said that for someone reason which she can figure out , she still needs time to herself but she still wants to be with me? I guess she wants to take it slow..which i guess i dont have a problem with. but she didnt call today and she usually calls me right when she gets off work..how can someone be so in love with u , yet not want to spend time with u..i told her so, u are in love with, but you dont want to be with me..she goes, i do want to be with you but for some reason i just need time..maybe she is scared because she knows i am the one for her.? we are both 26. Than i asked do u just want me to move on? she said lets take it slow...its hard having someone love u and not being able to spend time with them..ALso.for some reason i cant get her off of my mind ever..i mean i still do my thing like work and play sports and go out with friends but i cant stop thinking about it..its starting to piss me off.. I love her so much and she even said that we are perfect for each other..I cant wait forever though. I think I am depressed too because i always think that things are going bad for me when they really arent and i just think in general a lot..do i need some medicine or something?? PLEASE HELP

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don't push her. She can love you and not spend her every free second with you. You should do the same. Try to have three lifelines in your relationship: yours, hers and the one you have together. Make sure the three never mix up and you are settled.


Be mysterious, be a challenge. Do not chase her and she will chase you. That is IF she loves you...so now you know how to find out.

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Hmm sounds like you are in quite a pickle. It is unfortunate because you have created this world you live in. You see you have a warped perception of what is going on here. You don't have a realistic view of the situation. It sounds like you are making this event far more important then it really is. Will you die if you are not with her? (honestly)


Why have you made this a life and death thing? It sounds like you have some decency issues, which stem from low confidence and self esteem. Just because she wants some space doesn't mean that you aren't good enough, maybe she is just feeling a little overwhelmed.


Maybe she just isn't ready for the same solid commitment that you want. You need to take a step back and look at this situation. What is really going on here? What do you want to happen? If you don't get your way what will really be the outcome? Is it as bad as you are imagining?


I just want you to take a look at your perspective. What's really going on here?

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