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I love my class mates!


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It made me feel so much better this evening right before my first class of the week, I was talking with a few of my class mates before class casually and I made a comment about how I couldn't wait for class to start, and someone said "why do you want that!?" and I replied that I had just gone through a break up and wanted to get my mind off the break up by going to class. It was funny because me and my two friends started talking about the break up, and the door to our class was locked so we had to wait outside about another 5 minutes, and by that time literally the entire class was talking to me about it at once and they all were telling me how much better off I am and that I deserved so much more than what my ex was giving me, and some of my friends made some really funny comments that made me laugh.


We're all masters and PHD students so we all really know each other and see one another around our department, and this may sound a little immature, but it felt really nice to be the center of attention and feel like someone was really paying attention to me, which was one of the reasons I left my ex, because I didn't feel like she was giving me much attention.


Anyways, I just wanted to tell everyone here how much I love my fellow class mates!

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