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Interesting to note that such a simple expression can cause as much confusion as it has in this situation. But ill explain that here in a second. Theres this girl, she's a little older than me and a grade higher. I always thought she was cute. We had a class 2 semesters back and we talked a little but not too much. And then we had one this semester. We would see each other here and there and she always kind of acted weird around me, atleast different to me than my friends.


My friend asked me for a ride to work on Thursday, we're good friends but we hadnt talked in a couple weeks. We were talking about girls and he told me I should look into the girl. Me being suspicous asked him if he knew something i didnt. After a little I cant say he broke down and told me. (All 3 of us have a computer class i sit on one side, the girl on the other and my friend is close to her) My friend asked her what she was staring at and she told him it was me, that I was easy on the eyes.


Saturday my friend and I go hang out, and he tells me that he's trying to help me with her. And is putting in some good words. We go into wal mart and as I walk by i catch a quick glance of someone who looks just like the girl with some guys. My friend argues that it wasnt but I went ahead and looked. I was in a long row and i saw some of the guys and they turned off into an aisle and bam there she was and she just froze with this look on her face. And i kept on walking and turned off in part because i was freaked out lol. Then towards the end of the night she was walking around with this guy, he looked gay actually (no affense).


Fast forward one more time to the present. My friend finds out that the guy was nothing more than a friend. And I guess my question is, does it sound like she likes me? How should I act around her. I know her but not too well or anything. And what do you think was up with the freezing thing in the store? Feel free to drop any comments or tips.



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