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Is this Normal?


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Just been noticing lately that the conversations between me and my girlfriend haven't been as long lately. We talk about what happened during our day, and stuff like that and sometimes well have a long conversation about sometime but usually its just normal routine dialog and then there is air in the conversation. It never seems awkward, its just.. since we talk to eachother everyday, sometimes there is really nothing to say. I'm still madly in love with her, and she feels the same way about me, and its almost our 6 month anniversary. This is my first real long-term relationship and im just wondering if this is a normal thing to be happening as we settle in more to the relationship. I just don't want it to die out and have her get bored or something.


Plus its really busy w/ exams, so we are both stressed out. We don't live together.

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If you both see eachother every day, hang out on weekends, etc, believe me, its normal. After 6 months you pretty much know everything about eachother so you can't have those kind of deep, find-out-about-eachother conversations anymore, lol, and plus the added stress of exams.. ugh.. i know how you feel!!

As long as it isnt awkward silence, you have nothing to worry about. You both love eachother, you'll get through it.. the main thing is that you're comfortable around eachother, and feel like you CAN talk to her about things If you're worried about her getting bored... after exams are over, try organsing some fun things you can do together, things you CAN talk about, and besides, life is always more exciting if you have something to look forward to and also, make sure you don't do EVERYTHING with her. make sure you have a life apart from her... do you get what i mean?? lol

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