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Young adults


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If they're acting like they should get everything they want then they're not on track to adulthood.


There really isn't a time when a person notices they have matured. A 17 or 18 year-old may have the concept he/she needs to own up to their responsibilities, but that doesn't necesarally mean they are mature.


What is mature anyways? Is goofing around with buddies on a Saturday night immature? If you're being weird with friends and stand up on the couch and yell that you're a potato is that immature?


If so then I would have to say I'd rather be immature than not have fun when I'm not working.

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I've noticed a 17/18 year old usually acts uniquely. Depending on their personality. Some people mature really quickly, and by the time their 17...-16 even they are very mature, and act beyond their age.


Of course there are a few 18-19 year old who act like kids, not like thats bad or anything.


Just don't act too stupid..know you have responsiblities, know you're age. Act the way you feel like acting. Don't act like how another person think you would. Thats when you stop being yourself.

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