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oh no!!


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aghhh i was on my Myspace and bored and decided to search, see if my boyfriend's ex had a myspace page, out of curiosity, i wouldnt have messaged her or anything, just to see what she is like personality wise... know what she looks like.


anyway i pressed search and typed in her name, 750 results! so i typed in what i guessed her email might be, (I know where she works) and it said "INVITE REQUEST SENT"


soi myspace has sent an email to her telling her i have invited her?


im going to look like a nutter arent i?


she doesnt know me, never met me! she knows of me though.


what will my boyfriend think of this?! aghhh

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I'm sure you're in a panic! Sorry to hear you had this little "oops."


He may request an explanation. He may worry you are attempting to start trouble.


You can "block" people from seeing your myspace or being a friend. Try to go to her page and hit "block user." If this works, then maybe she can't accept the invite request or view your page and won't put 2 and 2 together...


Worth a try!

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I forgot to mention this but I've been through a similiar experience as well, only it was email instead of myspace. I was writting an email about someone to a friend and I didn't realize that I had the wrong adress on there so it sent to the person I was talking about! ohhh maan

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this happens on an old house too. it looks like it will slide open, but when you try it and it falls off, you can't say you didn't expect it to be fragile. don't play with antiques is what i'm saying. the past is the past. didn't your grandmother tell you to stay away from the furniture?

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