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I want it to be special. Advice appriciated!


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Ok, my boyfriend works away during the week so i only see him on weekends. Its hard because we used to spend alot of time together (he has only started working away recently). We both cried when he was leaving again last night even though its only for 4 days. It was the first time i seen him cry n it broke my heart.


Anyway, we have a hotel booked for Friday night when he comes home so we have something to look forward too I want to make it really special. We have stayed in hotels before but i want this to be extra special and maybe throw in a few surprises.. any ideas???


I was thinking once we book in, i could send him off somewhere (maybe down to the bar to get a drink or something) and I will run a bath when he is gone. And i will wear sexy underwear n bring baby oil to massage each other. Anything else you guys can think of that i can bring with me and / or do for him??

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i wouldnt go with the stockings, but its really what your man prefers.


Look up on the internet some interesting foreplay ideas.

Things that involve eating chocolate off each others bodies is always fun =P

andd. ive never tried it, but using edible ink, and writing exactly what you're going to do to each body part beforehand. It makes the anticipation so much greater, apparently.


But really, after 4 days without seeing you, it will be special, no matter what.

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