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This is Your Story. Take Control! -- Master T


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Hey everyone at ENA!


I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, and I've realized there was something missing from the NC equation for me that I really needed to tell myself before I could fully and truly move forward.


My age old philosophy on life. I had to regain it before I could move forward. What is it you ask?


This is your story. Your life. You are the writer, director, producer, and hero/heroine here. You determine how you want the story to flow, how to manage the events (planned and unplanned) in your life, the people you meet, the relationships you have, and ultimately you determine the ending you want for your life.


Will it be a romantic comedy? An action movie? Or a tragedy? (Hopefully not a horror flick... Those scare me, haha, just playing)


I don't know about you, but I sure as hell don't want my life to end in a tragedy. I wouldn't mind getting some of that romantic comedy action though, where the guy gets the girl in the end.


So what about you? How do you want your story to end? Do you want to just continue to wallow in your pain, pining for your ex??? Is that the story you want for yourself? Would you want to read a story about a person who sits there crying about lost love for two hundred pages, or would you rather read a story about a person who picked themselves up after ten pages, improved themselves and their life, and found true love in the end?


I think I want the happy ending thank you. And I think you do too.


Be honest with yourself. Yea it's hard, but darn it it's your story not theirs!! Write the story for the ages. Write a story about your life that you can be proud of. Include in your story everything you want in life, because you only get one shot at writing your story. This is your final draft! The store is out of whiteout, and there is no backspace button on your keyboard. There is no second chance, no reset button, so you better make sure this is what you want your story to be about.


I don't know about you, but I hate sad endings for movies. I hate knowing that the guy doesn't get the girl in the end or vice versa. I can tell you right now that is not the life I want for myself, and I'm going to make sure my story ends with the guy getting the girl of his dreams. Sure there will be plot twists. Sure there will be unexpected events in my story, but ultimately I'm the writer here, and I am going to make sure my story goes the way I want it to, NOT THE WAY SOMEONE ELSE WANTS TO WRITE IT.


So what do I say here? Those of you who are still chasing your ex, stop now! Take the script of your life away from them, because you are the writer here, and I know you want the happy ending. Let your ex keep writing your life and I guarantee you'll keep living in a tragedy. Your ex doesn't know anything about writing other people's lives. So take the script away, and start writing your own happy ending. FIRE YOUR EX FROM THE SCRIPT WRITERS! DO IT NOW!


Have you done it yet? Well? How about now? Until you fire your ex, you are not going to get that happy ending you want. Remember it's all you. You are the hero here, not her/him.


To those of you out there who complain about nothing good being in their life I ask the question: Who is writing YOUR story?


Well? If life isn't going as well as planned, it's because you have stopped being the writer and director, and allowed someone else to start writing your life for you. Remember only you know what makes you happy, so the second you let someone else write your story you run the risk of never really being happy... Fire the camera men that person hired, kick the writers out, and fire the actors, because it's time for you to take control, and hire your own crew.


Just remember, it's YOUR story. Make it a freaking awesome one to remember!

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Thanks darkpumpkin, I've always been one to love this way of looking at life. I lost sight of that before, and man am I glad to have found it again.


Dan: You've got that right. My life is going to be the next blockbuster flick. It's going to be one that'll rival Harry Potter and Star Wars, and I'm going to make sure of it. Here's a sneak peak at my story: The guy gets the girl of his dreams ;-)

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then we're just screwed. ha! okay, that was mean, i know, but i feel the same way so it's clearly not a personal attack! i think we just need to accept that that's not a possibility and move on... we'll miss so many other great things in life if we prevent ourselves from getting over it...

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kate111: Well you have to think of it this way. The actors/actresses in your story all have to audition right? (Think of making new friends/relationships like that)


Well people have to choose to audition, it's not something you can force. My school of thought is this: If you make your story incredibly awesome, then the best actors/actresses will flock to be a part of your film right? Wouldn't you rather have the best actresses/actors voluntarily plead to be a part of your film, rather than fight and fight and fight to get just one actress/actor to be a part of your movie? Not to mention if you do fight for that one actress/actors, you better make sure your story is pretty darn good, because otherwise they are going to leave you in the middle of act six, if they even decide to be a part of your movie.


If you make your story, your movie, your life, better than ever, more incredible than anyone could of imagined, you make you, the hero, stronger, faster, more powerful (you get the idea), you will have people flocking to adore you... And who knows.... Maybe, just maybe, one of those people will be your ex.


This isn't saying that your ex will come back, but this is the ONLY way they will. NC provides the best avenue for this process.


What this amounts to is the fact that you need to focus on making you and your life better first. As it's been preached, the best way to do that is to let go of your ex, and focus on YOUR movie, your life. When you finally do that, I guarantee things will get better. I won't tell you she/he will never come back. But I will tell you, until you focus on pulling your story out of a tragedy and into that romantic comedy with that happy ending you want, you will get no where.


I made mistakes in my relationship too, and I know it's hard. Going back to the story writer concept. You are the one writing your story, so make sure you write in it that the hero learns from his ways, and makes a solemn oath never to make them again. That's what I've done. Just remember that yes, this is your story, and you are the writer, director, producer, and hero. But you cannot force anyone to be a part of it. They've got to audition first! So make your story so irresistible that they come to you dying to audition for it.


I have undying confidence in myself to write my story the way I want it to be written. Do not think for one second that I don't want things to work out between my ex and I, because I do. However, I don't think she wants to audition for a story about a guy who mopes around the house depressed and lonely. I think she'd rather audition for a guy who's confident, funny, energetic, and in control of his own story.


Take control of your story, and stop letting her/him write yours. When you do, you'll find a greater joy, happiness, and satisfaction than ever before... and although I do not advocate this as a way of getting an ex back (Like I said before, she must choose to audition for the part), this is one of the best courses of action I believe a person can take. I can't say I agree with bear12, because it is a possibility. Just not one that you can control, so it is best to move forward with the movie!

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This is great!


My script has a man that goes through a very dark and rough time for a while and then finally regains the man that he used to be so many years ago.. stands up tall and strong, and sees the world is bright and full of opportunities. From a distance my ex can see this tall figure and is moving towards this interesting strong source of positive energy.


Not sure what happens next.. its like an old hollywood movie (the b&w ones from the 50's) where is the plot going.. this tall man may have a women beside him or not.. its hard to tell from the camera angle my ex is looking from

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im a bit of a movie buff, and a writing buff, and just a control freak, so anything that implies that i have control and does so by references film and screenplay is very touching to me.


that being said...


see heres the thing. most movies follow a 3 act plot scheme, with the main character suffering immense pain and tragedy until well into the 3rd plot where the protagonist (in this case, us) either turns things around or suffers final defeat.


take the pursuit of happiness with will smith. i won't be ruining the movie for anyone if i say that its a movie about a man that faces hardship after hardship on his path towards self-fulfillment of sorts. the whole movie is hardship after hardship. really depressing stuff. the climax comes about 5 minutes before the credits start to roll, and i won't say whether he is successful or not, but 5 minutes is hardly any time to enjoy or detest the outcome... i was shocked. i figured, hey, if im gonna sit through 2 hours of horror after horror in this poor man's life, at least let me revel in the outcome...


so my point is this: this movie metaphor for life after heartbreak is a good one; in fact i love this metaphor. it may also be incredibly true to life. the problem is that it implies that there is a lot of suffering intended for character building and lesson learning. which is exactly why it may be a little too true to life...


so long as you don't expect this mindset to be a flipping of a switch that will make everything better, and so long as you understand this mindset is to set you on the path of the hero/heroin, this is the metaphor for you.

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