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Well, hey all.


Well, Mike and i are over. We are not dating and never will be. And you know what? I am okay with that. Actually i am insanely happy about that.


I read his latest posting on his website, and he writes: "the landlord came over with two guys to look at the apartment, i had a guest over sleepin in my bed (meaning female, whenever he says guest or friend he means female, i asked him about that once and that was his answer)...so he had to keep them out of his room...and somehow he managed to do that."


I laughed sooo hard when i read that! It was soo funny!


I had forgotten the guy's a player. He never did tell me how he felt about me, but it's no worries. I am over him and moving on...he's not worth my time, if he is not going to tell me how he feels about me, whether it be yes or no.


I only regret that i told him how i felt, and gave him the poem, and apologized to him. He isn't worth my time, as everyone says to me.


So i am moving on. I am finding someone worth my time. But right now i am going to work on me and date later.


So there it is y'all.


Take care and thx for reading and helping me out when i needed it and being honest when it was required...thank you very much!





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Good for you Jitrenda. Now go out there and find someone who really does deserve you and will love you back. You'll be soooo happy!


Don't be sorry you wrote the poem. I think it provided you with the answers you needed. Otherwise you'd still be wondering - does he like me, is he the one, how do I tell him how I feel? You'd be torturing yourself every day. But now you know - and you can feel better and not have to worry anymore. That poem showed a great side of you!

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