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only 15 and made huge mistake!! help please!


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hi..im 15 years old and i have been giong out with this girl for about 9 months..well was going out because she left me about a month ago. well around the last month of the realtionship we made a huge mistake and we had sex which was completley wrong and unplanned..at the time we werent thinking and swore to each other to nevre tell anyone else. well she got mad at me and we got in a huge fight and her friends took sides witb me and they revealed to me all these horrible things that she had been keeping from me and all these lies, and my gf would never talk to me about sex when i brought it up and would just hang up on me..so i was keeping all of this inside and i couldnt handle it anymore..so i retalliated to what they told me within like 5 secs and told them what i wasnt supposed to tell..after i realized what i had done i made them swear to never tell. but that didnt last long. one of the girls told other people and before i knew it..the whole school knew..everyone is mad at her..and i feel terrible about what i did (telling and sex itself) and i dont know what to do anymore. she told me she can never be friends with me again and she'll never trust me ever again and i was shattered. i know i deserve this but is there anything i can do or some steps that i can take that will help me get her trust back? i think im in love with her..and i know im young but i have really strong feelings for her..and i just dont know what to do. thank you so much to anyone who replies...

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Why is everyone mad at her that she had sex? Its only natural isnt it? Plus you were with her for a period of time so it was bound to happen. I know how you feel. I always say things i dont mean when im upset/mad. Its the way us humans work and it sucks, it really really really sucks. Just try talking to her again, tell her your sorry. Or you could completely forget about her and blank her then she'll realise what shes missing out on and one day talk to you. I know i would. It always nice to talk to someone you havent talked to in a long time

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Honesty and remorse are the only way to repent your actions. If you feel that you have done wrong and are feeling guilty, perhaps you should tell her how sorry you are. I'm sure she doesn't want to talk to you and there is a good chance that right now a relationship isn't possible.


Tell her you are sorry for your mistakes and tell her that you forgive her for hers (if you have). Ask her for forgiveness and leave it at that. There isn't much more you can do. Just be honest and open.


You may feel bad about what happened, but drowning in self pity and guilt will help no one.

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I understand how it can be so frustrating when everyone thinks sex is a huge deal at 15. I remember when I was 15 and when I heard my friends were having sex, I was just floored. I hadn't even thought about it. But trust me, as time goes by, people stop talking about, and everything starts talking about someone else. Sooner or later your girl will realize that she's not the topic anymore. But it might take her awhile to get over it. Girls, no matter how hard we try, can not forget humiliating experiences like that. But she can get over it. Just let her have some time for things to blow over, and then talk to her when you get a chance to be alone with her. Just tell her you made a mistake, that you still love her, and you're sorry. There's nothing to lose.

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