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How do you know....


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if someone loves you?


Hi, this is my first post.... In all your experience, could you tell from body language or actions, or even unclear words if a person loves you?


Also, how long does it really take before someone is sure to know how they feel about another person?


Thanks for any replies....

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Hard question to answer. I think really it would be a combination of the person verbalising it and behaving like someone in love with you. I'm sure there are also body language clues as well. Really you probably have to look at the whole package.


How long does it take before you are sure?


That's hard too. Some people claim to know within days, I've even heard within hours around these parts. Personally, I think it is closer to a year or two. I'm not sure humans can easily separate that feeling of infatuation from true love, only time does that for me.

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I asked those questions because I wanted to know if there is a chance with this guy I'm seeing. We have known each other for almost 6 months now (thru Yahoo chats) and it feels like it actually took a back step instead of going up to the next level.


This guy is very hurt. He told me he had a lot of let downs in the past so this is the reason why he couldn't totally open up to me. I told him that it's not fair to put me thru this just because somebody messed up with him.


Anyway, tonight I asked him a question - - a question that he could only answer with YES or NO so I asked him if he would rather see me date another guy. He goes, "I can't stop you if you want to see other people"....and I said just honestly answer it with yes or no....and he said "NO".


Is that a clear indication that he loves me or he feels something special about me? But then, he won't do the usual affection thingy (kissing, cuddling, touching) ...I only find that he cares for me by doing a lot of favors (fixing broken stuff in the house, lawnmoving, getting someting for me at the store, lending me his car when I had car trouble, etc, etc,). But this frustrates me as I find this as mixed signals.


I don't really know what to make of it. Unfortunately, I'm not a good mind reader.

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