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a few questions


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Hey guys.... I have a few questions regarding sex..

I haven't reached orgasm yet, but the other night I could finally feel something good, but scary. I felt like I was going to pee on my guy and was trying my hardest to get rid of that "good but scary" feeling. I've read that that "wanting to pee" feeling is the rubbing of the g-spot, which potentially leads to orgasm. Is that really what it was?


My second question is...

My V has been itching ever since that morning after sex. Right now it's getting worse, and I can barely hold when I have to pee, and doing it also sometimes either burns or causes a really bad feeling.

Could this be a yeast infection? I've heard that you could get it after sex. I've had them before, but it was a long time ago and was not caused by the intercourse.

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Yes it sounds like a g-spot orgasm that you were experiencing, especially since you are describing it as "scary ". You have to keep going long enough to get pass that "gotta pee" feeling. And also keep in mind that when you do orgasm that way, that you will probably leak a lot but its not pee and its totally normal.


And for the 2nd question, it sounds like you have a bladder infection or yeast infection. A bladder infection causes burning and feels like you have to pee really badly all the time. A yeast infection is itchy and uncomfortable, you will know if you have one. If its a yeast infection you can get stuff at the drugstore. If its a bladder infection then you need to get to a doctor otherwise it only gets worse. Both infections are very common after sex.


Hope this helps !

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Thanks guys! I don't know, the itch kind of stopped today. If it starts again, I will go to the doctor. I have an appointment for pap exam anyway.


Yay I was so worried that I was one of those who never reach orgasm, but now I know it will happed, and I'm happy... and so is my bf

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