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Help With the Pill PLEASE!!!


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Ok well here is the story... My gf has decided to start taking the pill so she went to the doctor. He gave her th package and now she has been taking it for a little over a week. But we have one problem... we both did not know that she was supposd to take the pill during or after he period... so now we are in a situation because she has kept taking the pill and now she has her period in the middle of her 21 day pack and the package says if the pill isnt taken during her period it will take 7 days for it to be effective.... WE BOTH JUST WANT TO KNOW IF IT WILL BE SAFE TO HAVE SX WITH OUT USING A CONDOM AFTER HER PERIOD IS OVER. PLEASE HELP!

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As best I know, whilst she is taking the pill she won't get her period. So if she started in the middle of her cycle then she will not get her period until she starts taking the sugar pills. So effectively she has just shifted her cycle.


Again best I know is that the pill becomes effective as a contraceptive two weeks after you start taking it, so she would still have a week to go before it is effectively working as a contraceptive.

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