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So far, the best day of 2007

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Well, today is father's day here (and everywhere, I think). This morning I went to leave my 7 years old son at school and his theacher told me they had organized a small party so that the fathers could spend sometime with the kids...it was a kind of a surprise the children had prepared for their fathers.

Since I didn't knew if I could go due to my job, I told him I was not sure if I will be there. On the way to my work I was saying to myself that probably I wouln't go because, mostly, I was not in a party mood. But I felt so guilty that, deeply, I already knew I was goig to be there. So, I went...

When my son saw me there he gave me such a smile...he started to write a text just to show me that he could do it. I felt he was so proud and happy because I was there. He gave me a nice present and we played a lot of games, both fathers and the children and my kid was always huging me, kissing me, giving me his hand...I had never saw him like this before. This made me think "I could I think for a minute that I was not going to be here?"...And then some of the kids, whose fathers could not be present, were so sad and disapointed, that it made me feel that this was really a special moment for them...

This was a magic moment, lasted only an hour but made me happy for the rest of the day...Instead of dwelling myself in my pain, I decided to get out of it and go to the party and I was surprised by the most honest and sincere proof of love. When I got home, my 10 years old daughter told me she had no time to prepare a present for me but she said she will do a drawing. So she went to do it and, after half an hour, I've found it near my computer. It was a really simple drawing but her words had a lot of meaning....she was describing me as beautifull, proud, tall, blond, amazing, caring, wonderfull, nuts , cool, brilliant, funny....well, the list would never end since she filled a comple page with it.

This another surprise to me, right at the end of the day. She was really meaning what she had written. And do you know how do I know it? Because, for each of the charachteristics she wrote, I could recognize myself and remember several situations for each of them. This made me realize that many times we can't see ourselfs, we need the help of others to tell us how we are because, in our pain and hurt, we forget ourselfs, we forget how pretty and beautifull we are. And you know what? I remember reading it and think to my self: "Look what my ex is giving to waste!"...


This day felt really good and it was a proof that, even when it seems that the world is about to colapse, there's always an oportunity for love hit you again.


I now many of you don't have kids but you have friends, you have your family, you have us here...listen to them and accept their support. In these rough times they are the ones that can help you find love within you, love for yourself..and sometimes this happens when you are not expecting it, just like in real life. So, keep believing....

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here Father's day isn't until some time in June!


Really? I din't knew it....no problem. Father's day, Mother's day, Xmas, etc, should be everyday.

Anyway, I felt I needed to post this here because I felt a boost in my self-esteem after yesterday. And I would like to share it with everybody.

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