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When's the next time I should call?


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Hey everyone, I'm fairly new around here but I'm loving this site so far. Here goes.


I'm a college student and on St. Patrick's day after a day full of drinking and partying I went back to my dorm at about 1am. I didn't feel like crashing and so I walked accross the hallway to another room I hang out at a lot who happened to have their door open and had guests over. Turns out I had met all these guests two weekends ago except for one new girl and one new guy.


We talked, hung out, and drank (only a little) until about 3:00. The new girl there and I get to talking and things were going very well. I found out she lives at another dorm that's very close to where I work. I really liked the way she smiled, how she talked (and she had interesting, intelligent things to say) and especially her eyes. Anyway, at about 3:00 I got sleepy, got everyone's names so that I could give them friend requests on Facebook, and went back to my own dorm room to crash.


I wake up the next day (yesterday morning) and there's a note that's been slipped under my door. My friend Steve [we were in his room, by the way] had written on it: "I found this on my computer and printed it out for you" and below that said in typed words "Give Phil [that's me, btw] my number- 555 -555-5555. Oh lord."


I'm pretty excited about the possibility of something more with this girl at this point, so I ask around the dorm and everyone seems to agree on the same thing: "Call her today. No one really follows the 'Three Day' rule, and she gave her number for a reason." So I called her to see if she wanted to come with me and my friends to a free Sunday night movie my college shows every week. She didn't answer so I left a message.


She didn't call me back until that night, midway through the movie. I didn't answer because my phone was on silent, but she left me a message saying "Hey, sorry I missed your call and couldn't go. I was on a road trip with my friends all day. Call me back if you feel like it."


Which leads me here. When should I call her back?


Thanks in advance.

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If you really like her, I would call her tonight or tomorrow. Why wait? I hate the waiting game. I think most people don't really follow any rules about calling a guy or a girl back anymore. If you really like her, then I say go for it. She obviously likes you since she gave you her number without you asking.

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Here's the problem... the last time I called I had something to say. "You gave me your phone number, my friends and I are going to see a movie tonight. You should come, if you want to." I thought it was good because that way she didn't feel like it was a "date". This time, I don't really have anything to say along those lines.


The only thing I could think of is that I generally eat lunch at a cafeteria that's nearby to hers. I could try to see if she wants to grab lunch with me some time this week. Or would you advise not to try and set anything like that up at all, and just talk. I'm not the greatest at talking on the phone.



EDIT: and another thing is that I'm loaded down with studying for a Physics exam that I have on Thursday, so I really couldn't be spending this time with her.

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Just called, no answer. I didn't leave a message because I don't think playing phone tag anymore is a good idea. I'm thinking of trying to call her again tomorrow. Hmmm...



EDIT: ...and the anxiety now is preventing me from really studying. This sucks.

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Phone tag doesn't matter - a message still shows interest. Leave a message saying that you would like to take her out over the weekend and ask her to call you and let you know which day suits her best. But tell her Saturday afternoon is not good for you.

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I called again last night and left a message, just for peace of mind. She called back and we talked for a little bit and then worked out this weekend. She's gone all weekend to a neighboring college but wants to hang out on Thursday (tomorrow). She's just going to come over to "hang out" but I don't know what that means, I don't have anything planned. I'm trying to think of something.

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